Preparing Your Home to the Lunar New Year

It’s today! The year of the rabbit starts now. And in the Chinese have a tradition of cleaning their homes in preparation for new cycles. I also like to clean spaces and energise my home to get into a new cycle properly.

It is the perfect timing for the renewal of energies. One of the times most favourable to this cleanliness – physical and energetic – is just before the New Year.

The Chinese calendar, however, unlike our Western calendar, follows the cycles of the Sun and Moon. While Chinese people enjoy this period to renew their personal life and their environment, we also should learn from them how to do it.

The Chinese celebrate this date with a lot of positivity. They believe that what is done in the early hours of New Year’s Eve will influence the rest of the year. Therefore, the country values ​​the festival very much, practising its customs and traditions.

For this reason, I have checked some of the traditions for the Lunar New Year that help you prepare your home to join this new cycle and phase of life. Here are my tips:

Taking care of finances

It probably will depend on how you finish your year. But preparing for a year ending and a new beginning may give you the chance to organise your financial life, both business and personal.

It is always important to sort out your individual debts, collect the money owed, balance bills and generally prepare a clean environment for the new year.

It is probably the best time to sort our budgets for the next year too and start planning expenses and savings.

New Clothes

Wearing new clothes during the Lunar New Year means a new beginning. In Brazil, wearing white pieces of clothes on New Year’s Day is a quite popular tradition.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year people, tend to choose vibrant colours, such as red when buying clothes. Red usually symbolises harmony, good luck, and happiness. Keep in mind that you should avoid wearing black or white during the New Year, as people often wear these colours at funerals.

Clean Your Home

Throughout the year, our home and our workplace are storing memories, some good, some bad. Our home is our palace. The place of building all our memories and good moments during the year.

The furniture and objects of our home reflect our energy. For this reason, we need to zero out those memories and start a new phase lighter every new year. Hence the need for a clean-up.

The first step is to start by separating unused objects, personal and household, to throw away or make donations. So, you make room for the new, and help boost the energies of your home.

Then do a good traditional cleaning, followed by an energy cleaning. For the latter, you can use water mixed with salt or vinegar, passing with a cloth through the floor, wall, and furniture. If you prefer to use a spray bottle to spray the water instead of the cloth.

And after the cleaning?

It is essential to renew your intentions after cleaning. Otherwise, you will leave the vibrational field open to attract any kind of random, good, or bad energy, coming from neighbours, visits and even the tv on. Believe it or not.

It is essential to keep the focus on it. During cleansing, mentalise your intention to purify the energies of the environment. The strength of the mind is one of the most powerful transformation tools. You can also use, in this cleaning step, the sound of metal, through a bell, or even a mobile application that simulates this sound, in the absence of a real bell.

The vibration of the sound waves of the metal collaborates with the purification of energies. After cleaning, your home will be energy neutral and will need to be filled with your new intentions.

Flowers and Fruits

Flowers and fruits cannot be missing from the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The preferred flowers for this time are those of the peach tree, which represent luck, chrysanthemums, symbols of longevity and daffodils that bring the energy of prosperity.

For fruits, prefer oranges and tangerines. They are unanimous in Chinese celebrations and symbolise happiness. Tradition dictates eating the fruits in pairs.

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