Best Things to do in Hurghada

If you are planning to visit Egypt, you can’t skip Hurghada. Located on the shores of Mar Rojo, Hurghada used to be an ancient and small fishing village on the shores of the Red Sea.

It didn’t take long for the city to become one of the main coastal destinations not only in Egypt but in the entire Middle East.

When you think about Hurghada, the first thing that comes to mind is to enjoy the nearby beaches and reefs, which is why this destination is a perfect complement to a tour focused on what Egypt has to offer – a lot of history and amazing landscapes.

Tourism in Hurghada began to become popular in the 1980s when visitors began to be enchanted by its natural beauty, beaches, coral reefs, and year-round pleasant climate.

These factors made it a quite popular tourist location with hotels, restaurants, and attractions for all kinds of people that have looked for a place in Egypt where they can relax after absorbing so much history visiting Cairo.

Also, it is in Hurghada that you can enjoy the whole experience of go diving or simply enjoy a few days at the beach on the Red Sea.

Hurghada is a year-round destination, but it really depends on your personal preferences. Spring and autumn are Hurghada’s “high season” – that’s when the weather is ideal (beach weather without high temperatures); this is when you find Hurghada as the busiest.

How to get there?

It’s quite easy to fly from Cairo to Hurghada. But if f you don’t want the air option, you can go by car (hire a transfer service) along Galala Road.

It is a quite pleasant road trip. But if you are coming from another country, you can fly directly to Hurghada International Airport.

What to do in Hurghada?


Most people visiting this popular site in Egypt go there for one thing – diving.  After all, Hurghada is considered one of the best places for scuba diving in the world.

It’s a perfect spot for experienced divers, giving you the possibility of exploring wreck dives.

But it is also a possibility to start to dive into its waters. For those who have never dived in their lives, the best diving options are those made in shallow reefs, easily accessible and with a lot of marine life.

It is also quite affordable to join a diving course in the area, making it very inviting for snorkelling, during the traditional boat trips.

Sea Trips

If you want to experience the Red Sea’s beautiful reefs and marine life without diving, boat trips to great dive spots are also easily arranged, either through the dive centres or the hotel.

As you can imagine, sea trips in Hurghada are quite popular activities for those who like to join outdoor activities in the open sea.

Landious Travel offers unforgettable boat sails over the Red sea to practise snorkelling, fishing trips and diving trips.

Desert Activities

If you’ve had your fill of beach and water-related things, fear not, there’s still plenty to do in Hurghada.

Egypt’s eastern desert and mountains border Hurghada, and your hotel or a local tour company can easily make a schedule for you with desert activities: from hiking, quad biking, and camping to stargazing trips.

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