How to Get Over a Breakup

New society encourages people to have partners. The fact of being alone is a phenomenon that comes to be considered, by some, as a failure in personal life.

That is why many people start a relationship without having clear ideas about what they want and, after the doubts, there comes a time when you have to leave the relationship.

When it is decided to leave a relationship, either because of problems between the people involved or because of estrangement or insecurities, the steps to follow are very complicated and different depending on the situation.

There are those who continue their lives as if the time shared with that person had been indifferent and, therefore, usually rebuild their lives or even go to blogs that give advice of all kinds, such as Love my Senses, to heal their wounds; or those who enter into mental loops such as depression, anxiety and insecurities. 

That is why, below, we are going to give different tips on how to get over someone without going to certain extremes:

Giving yourself time 

Each person is different and each situation is diverse. That is why taking time to think and reflect is essential to improve the mood after a breakup. This is what is known as mourning, as it is a period of time that allows wounds to heal and blossom. 

The time that each individual needs are very different. There are those who, perhaps because of maturity, need a few weeks; and there are those who need months, or even years, to be able to continue with their lives normally.

During this time, the activities that can be carried out are very different. From being at home, thinking about the possible problems that have produced the breakup and trying to improve them to give a better version to the next person who gets in the way; to go out with friends or leisure activities, such as watching the horniest movies, to distract yourself. 


When leaving a relationship, people begin to ask questions about their existence. It is in this process, that getting to know each other means innovating. In addition, this allows the kind of concerned people to relax and to find out what their main interests are. 

One can innovate by trying new things that improve the physical aspect, such as buying the best mascara to have radiant eyelashes and a radiant look; as well as meeting people, through a first tinder date for example, that allow expanding the mind and knowledge.

These types of innovations will help people to have clearer ideas and, in case of resuming the relationship left or meeting another person, it will be possible to provide experiences that will undoubtedly improve all types of social interaction. In addition, the person himself will feel more fulfilled and much better about himself. 

Going party

Perhaps, at the time of the breakup, it is the least attractive thing for a person who is living through grief of this type. However, the fact of going out and socializing can help to escape from problems or to tell them and thus feel better. Surely there are many people you can meet in one evening who are willing to help.

What’s more, studies show that expressing feelings with strangers has many personal benefits. This is because strangers are commonly thought to have lower judgment than those you do know. Also, in case they are prejudiced, it is unlikely to meet again.

That is why this practice, although usually one of the least frequent, can be one of the most beneficial. It helps to establish links with people little or not known and to be distracted in spite of the circumstances. In addition, sharing experiences with them helps to better cope with the situation.

Working loneliness and self-esteem

After a breakup, feelings are at the surface, among them: loneliness, the feeling of abandonment or insecurities and doubts. All of these can be frightening because the person affected is used to always having someone to count on. 

That is why knowing how to manage the problems oneself can help a lot, and that is why it is recommended to go to mental health professionals who encourage and give advice in this process. In the end, when this is clear individually, it is understood that only you can help yourself to fight the most difficult battles and, when you later have a partner, the fear of letting go will be much less.

On the other hand, working on self-confidence is essential. Knowing how to believe what you are worth is one of the most difficult things in this world and even more so when you suffer a breakup. For this, it is advisable to seek information on beauty, which makes you believe in yourself, for example, a good help would be to know how to dress according to your body, this would greatly increase self-esteem. 

In conclusion, being in this situation is a complex situation to handle, but with perseverance, help and love, everything can be overcome. In addition, there are many methods and resources that allow you to better cope with this moment in life. It is essential to be clear that it is temporary and that there are a lot of worlds to discover. 

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