How to prevent Travel Fraud When Booking Your Holiday

You all know that booking a holiday online is quite easy task nowadays. I don’t know too many people who still rely on travel agencies. They do exist, I know. But most travellers prefer planning a trip from the comfort of their homes.

The fact is that booking travel online is simple. But it is also quite easy way of being in trouble. So, as you decide on your summer or mid-year holiday, it is always important to be careful when booking online.

Fraud is a serious problem in the tourism industry. When it comes to airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals, scammers can take advantage of tourists who are unfamiliar with the area or who don’t speak the language.

As related by the ABTA, the most common types of booking fraud are:

Holiday Accommodation – when fraudsters use the internet to con holidaymakers by setting up fake websites and adverts on social media.

Airline tickets: Where a customer believes they are booking a flight and receives a fake ticket or pays for a ticket that never turns up.

Sports and religious trips: you would be surprised, but this is also a quite common practice. When holidaymakers are persuaded due to the limited availability of tickets and consequently higher prices.

Timeshares and holiday clubs: The number of fake travel booking sites are growing as they manage to pull many scams on consumers.

How to avoid fraud in tourism?

The first step in taking a trip is to prepare. Knowing where you’re going, how you’re going and how many days you’re going to spend is essential to not despair when choosing companies and travel agencies.

Be Aware of Fake Travel Agency

Researching the history of the company that will provide support during the trip is another recommendation. Many people interested in travel may find that finding an apparently beautiful and reliable advisory website is enough to avoid falling into a scam.

Have insurance!

Travel insurance is essential if you want to protect yourself from unforeseen events or accidents and travel safely and peacefully.

By contracting insurance, you will have several protections, including coverage of medical expenses, compensation in case of luggage loss, and legal assistance, among other benefits.

Be Aware of Special Offers!

Beware of prices that are way below normal. You probably already spotted websites offering special offers that may be tempting.

But it is always good to consider two factors: the most frequent price of tickets where you want to go, and the promotional values ​​found in companies.

That way, you’ll have more information to compare before evaluating a proposal that might be suspicious.

Keep All Documents and Paperwork

keep all receipts, number of protocols, proof of payment and contracts made during the entire process. Therefore, if you follow all the previous steps and still fall into a scam, you can appeal and take all appropriate legal measures.

Protect Your Identity

Preventive behaviour is the best way to guarantee a safe purchase on the internet, both on airline ticket sales websites and directly on the companies’ e-commerce.

The acquisition can also be made on social media and messengers if the seller knows who is negotiating well, as many travel agencies operate in direct service.

All precautions, however, will not be enough to ensure a completely safe shopping journey. Therefore, monitoring personal data is essential to control and contain incidents in the event of theft or leakage of personal and banking data on the Internet.

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