My favourite Hibernation Holiday Destinations

I just went back from Algarve – yes, Portugal in November is my new obsession. Quiet, not cold, and still sunny. That is what Britons want to do, leave Britain in the winter, isn`t it? That is what my husband wanted to do this February too – when we put some places in Gran Canarias on our Airbnb Wishlist.

But if you wonder, according to ABTA’s research, four in ten people (42%) have either booked or are considering taking a winter break in 2022 – with escaping for some winter sun (22%) at the top of the list for those planning to travel over winter.

Yes, hibernation holidays are just what I want to do in the winter. But besides, Grand Canarias and popular sites in Portugal, what are the other travel destinations to consider visiting in the colder months?

Here is my wishlist for the following winters:

Faroe Islands

If you visited this blog before, you know I love visiting and staying in islands, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, close to Scotland, are the Faroe Islands which are an autonomous territory of Denmark.

The name literally translated means “island of sheep”, the mountainous region is made up of 18 islands in total and is home to 70,000 sheep.

I do confess my wish to visit the Faroe Islands grew immensely during the pandemic when everything that I thought about was being isolated in a nice place.

But of course, the island is incredibly beautiful with picturesque mountains, coastlines cut by cliffs and lots of greenery. Impossible to think of a better place to hibernate.


Cyprus is also on my list of travel destinations. Cyprus is now becoming a coveted and popular international tourist destination, owing to a mix of cultural, historical, scenic, and worldly attractions.

The beaches and the sea are two of the main tourist attractions in Cyprus.

The island of Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters with little rain and hot, dry summers. Springs and autumns are mild and sunny.

Summer usually lasts from mid-May to mid-October and winter from December to February, making it a perfect travel destination for those running away from colder months.

The Dominican Republic

Here is another beautiful country on my radar. The Dominican Republic is the second largest and most diverse country in the Caribbean.

With direct flights from the main cities of Latin America, the United States, Canada, and Europe, it is a country that stands out for the warmth of its climate and the hospitality of its people.

Not just a gorgeous travel destination, but quite easy for us in the Midlands to reach it due to the flights from Birmingham airport to Santo Domingo.

Today, Santo Domingo, the first city of America, is the capital of the Dominican Republic and continues to prosper as it conserves its history and original Spanish architecture.

What The Dominica Republic has to offer to us? Well, 1,600 kilometres of coastline, our green mountain towns, fishermen’s towns, or landscapes adorned with cacti, among picturesque landscapes.

Along the way, you will discover our passion for music and dancing (merengue, bachata, and son), our diverse gastronomy that will take you further than rice and people, and our love for baseball, family, and hospitality. Together, we constitute the essence of our Dominican spirit.


My husband is crazy about Malta. And he would love to visit it again at some point. Having a short break in Gozo during the winter is still on my travel list. Malta is fulfilled with history, inquisitive gastronomy, culture, buzzing nightlife and adventure to be explored.

The temperatures are also quite pleasant during the whole year, making the Maltese islands a perfect spot for a holiday with family or with friends in the winter too.

Malta is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and more people are setting out to discover the secrets of the three islands that make up the archipelago of the Maltese Islands: Malta, Comino and Gozo.

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