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February is usually a special month for couples. So why not carry on spreading love after Valentine’s Day? After all, we should celebrate love every single day of the year.

Whether you are preparing yourself for a first date or want to book a restaurant any day in the week to surprise your other half, it’s quite important to prepare the perfect date night. It also includes picking the right outfit to enjoy the occasion.

Thinking about it, I have chosen some pieces that would work for this special occasion.

First Dates

For the first date, the saying “Less is more” always applies, so don’t worry too much, and focus on projecting an open and calm personality with your wardrobe. This will also make your partner feel more relaxed and be able to open up to you more easily.

The truth is that a first date is a very important moment since we are playing with first impressions. At the same time, we want to look authentic and show ourselves in a natural way, otherwise, you won’t be showing your true character, right?

So why not choose pieces that will talk for themselves? Here are my picks.

Crew Neck Jumper

In this life, it’s all about finding the perfect balance for every occasion. For this reason, I recommend that you opt for a comfortable setting that can highlight your best qualities.

For men, it needs to be a comfort piece. Nothing comfier than a crew neck jumper. Choosing a classic colour piece such as a latte jumper will mean it will go with everything.

Depending on where you are going, it is important to think about the weather too. Evaluate where you are going, as well as the weather. The key is not to go too fancy, but not too casual either. Before choosing your clothes, ask yourself what impression you want to make on the other person.

Stretch Cord Jeans


Talking about comfort, stretch cord jeans can also be a good match for first dates during the day or night. With the cord with a touch of stretch, you’ll wear these jeans everywhere and with everything.

It often happens that for a first date, we say to meet in a square or street, but without a defined plan.

You want to look casual and elegant. That’s why it’s super important that you feel confident and at ease. No putting on an outfit that has nothing to do with your personality!

Casual Date

You can your outfit suit any occasion, mainly because you can pick pieces for different styles and places you want to go. Combining the right attire for each occasion with what makes you feel good can be a quite great way of finding your style.

Stripe Cardigan

For women that are looking to go for casual on a daylight date, adding some colours to a cardigan can be a perfect match on a first date too.

The flattering v-neck piece is a layering piece perfect for one of our favourite timeless trends. It combines the colours in a balanced way and will compliment the spring wardrobe too.

Remember: To feel good and beautiful it’s super important that you understand your style and choose something that has to do with you!

Pull-on Crop Trousers

Here is one of my favourites for any kind of occasion. A pull-on crop pair of trousers offers comfort, quality, and effortless style. It is a key piece in the wardrobe.

To catch a movie or go for an afternoon stroll, there aren’t that many style rules that can be broken, so you can combine style and comfort perfectly.

Another key tip is don’t try a new style on your first date with someone. You need to be sure of yourself and feel represented in your chosen outfit. So, if you like certain combinations or wardrobe pieces, stick with them.

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