Purple Accessories to Complement Your Wedding Dress

Purple is my favourite colour.  This is an elegant and out-of-the-ordinary colour, which allows for bold and stylish combinations. Vibrant purple was rarely seen on the streets, but with the arrival of spring in Europe, this colour is ready to hit the streets and your closet!

If you have a wedding to attend in the next months or are the bride-to-be, purple can be a good match to complement your outfit.

But we do need to know how to use it properly to avoid bringing all attention just to you. A great touch to consider, if you are the one to say “I do” on a special day.

As it is a strong colour with a lot of different tones to go for, we advise you to work with small details such as rings, necklaces, earrings, hair ornaments and shoes. If the idea is to invest in a colourful wedding dress, the accessories should be more discreet and neutral.

It is also important to remember that choosing one to two pieces is the best thing to do to avoid being over-accessorised.

With this said, here are my tips on purple accessories to complement your wedding day outfit.

Wedding Ring

Let’s start with the most important piece of jewellery for the special day: the wedding ring. A purple wedding ring can be a stunning option for the most important day of a bride’s life.

Brides usually walk down the aisle with their engagement ring in hand. During the ceremony, the ring will be received and the two rings, traditionally, will be on her left hand. So, why not match your engagement ring with a gorgeous bridal set in purple colour?

Bridal sets are usually quite delicate. But if you prefer something more discreet, you don’t need to go for a large stone, avoiding the focus on the ring and not bringing attention to the main protagonist of this special date – you.


When you think about accessories that can complement a gorgeous wedding dress, gold, silver, or platinum jewellery comes to my mind instantly.

Just be careful with the quality of the piece, as you will be wearing the necklace for many hours at a time and, usually, some pieces of jewellery that are not pristine tend to leave greenish marks on the neck.

So, why not go for a special piece of jewellery that stands out in your outfit with a heart-shaped one or a stunning purple pendant on it?

Normally, necklaces are used by brides who have low-cut dresses, with a heart style, for example or strapless dress models. Thus, the necklace has the function of beautifying the bride’s neck without weighing on the look.


Earrings are my favourite piece of jewellery to stand out in any wedding outfit. If you are betting on a wedding dress full of details, such as embroidery or lace, it is worth investing in earrings that are positioned in the earlobe, such as solitaires and delicate hoop earrings.

But if your wedding dress is simpler, it’s even worth investing in a longer earring.

For both options, you can bring a bit of colour to it by wearing a pair of purple natural stone earrings such as amethyst, fluorite and kunzite. You are definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to gorgeous purple stones.

*This is a collaborative post


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