Menswear Trends for this Spring

Let’s be honest; everybody is a bit impacted by menswear trends nowadays. I am quite obsessed with Harry Styles looks and his sense of fashion, and I think every man should be happy to showcase their outfits, no matter their taste in fashion.

In the winter, we pretty much go for layers. But when the Spring starts to give us ideas on how to bring colours to our looks. After all, the mild temperatures give way to more pleasant days and to the heat that comes with everything every year.

Thinking about it, I have put together some of the most interesting menswear trends for this spring to inspire you.

Tropical Vibes

We must agree that the warm seasons always make us feel happier than the cold seasons. Colours are brighter, and that is when a printed shirt can work perfectly if you want to showcase a more cheerful vibe to your outfit.

We just need to be inspired by nature and every joy that comes with it. With its colourful, cheerful and fun patterns, it is extremely versatile and adapts to most different styles.

Pastel Colours


Here is my favourite trend for 2023. The fact is that soft colours are strong for men.

Of course, pastel colours stand out in menswear too. It has appeared on the runways of countless brands in recent years and shows that they only gain more strength and will not go anywhere.

It is all about being in touch with the delicate and light tones, the best for the Spring/Summer 2023 men’s season are mainly lilac, blue, yellow, and pink, being seen in monochromatic looks but also in different combinations. Paster colours pull up the looks to another level.

The 2000s

Yeah, you know it is a trend because you see it all over TikTok. Generation Z loves to bring back the year the 2000s to their lifestyle. And it has inspired the catwalks too.

After all, fashion is an eternal coming and going, with trends from the past always coming back to be high after a while.

The 2000s are full of trends that are considered controversial and divided opinions a lot. Colourful and full of life, the pieces are vibrant and big.

Pieces in the oversized style, that is, with wider and looser modelling, have been on the rise for some time in men’s looks, such as pants and T-shirts. But now it’s the turn of shirts to gain strength again with this style, mainly as an overlapping look.

And of course, the bucket hats will be present to complement the looks.


Contrary to other trends presented here, minimalism is timeless. And you know, less is more sometimes. In fashion, it can bring a lot of style to outfits on colder or hotter days.

Let’s think about monochromatic foliage which has shown to be an interesting option that is gaining more and more space. It is black and white, and gorgeous.

You can also play with stripes, but this season they will be applied in more sober and elegant looks. Great choice, including, lengthening the silhouette.

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