Accessories and Jewellery Trends for this Spring

Spring has almost arrived in the northern hemisphere, and, for the season, it is time to renew your energy.

Normally, the spring and summer 2023 trends represent right now what interests us most in stylistic terms. What clothes will we wear these months? What colours and inspirations will be our new favourites?

Those trends in fashion and the fashion week shows around the world will present what is new and cool. But when it comes to accessories and jewellery pieces, it is more about adding your personal style to the outfits and looks.

Although the classic and timeless references remain each year, the trends are always changing according to the seasons. It’s important to look for pieces and accessories that can completely transform your look.

Always taking inspiration from the main fashion trends to always offer new pieces that wear. With this said, here are my favourite pieces to invest in when spring comes.


The longer and hotter days are the ones that will inspire you to wear a dress or a  nice t-shirt. They are also inspiring you in finding a cute necklace to match them.

But to create your own style, the tip is to mix and match different chains and necklaces. And this summer, the trend of collar layers seems to continue with full force. Don’t forget to merge between chokers and longer versions to give the production a more balanced look.

Who does not like a heart-shaped piece, right? It comes by details on the clothes, the shape of a jewel and even as the protagonist of the play.

The heart is a jewel-cut shape widely used to create magnificent pieces that, made of gold, convey energy, love, and elegance.


If you are looking for a versatile piece, chains are the accessory of your choice. They are very simple to match with your outfit because you can use them in any shape, size or colour and they will look great.

How do you like wearing chains, earrings, necklaces or rings the most? We will see them in all their possibilities dominating the streets, even in bags, clothes, and shoes.

They are still powerful pieces, in particular, buttery yellow gold with a nod to antique watch chains and elongated rectangular 70s-style chains with a beautiful hand and weight. The bigger, the better.

Colourful Earrings

When you think about warm days, you always will associate them with a lot of colours. For this reason, the trend is going for pieces more sophisticated, but that also bring fun to your look.

If you like gemstones that is the perfect moment to invest in colourful fun pair of earrings with different stones.

Any look looks amazing with jewels complementing and the colourful stones are also a charm! Bet on light stone necklaces and even with stones and leather that combine a lot with crochet dresses and blouses or light and smooth fabrics.

The same works with bracelets and earrings with colourful or nude stones are among the main trends for this year.

Belt bags

After the success and resurrection of the bum bags, there is now another accessory that is making its appearance in the fashion week catwalks: the belt bag.

They are a super practical and stylish accessory. It’s a belt, but at the same time, it’s also your purse, and we’ve seen this trend from different designers such as Fendi among others, but now it’s really picking up. The accessory is practical and looks super cool and matches any style.

*This is a collaborative post 

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