The Importance of choosing an Eco-friendly Resort When going on a Ski Trip

If we want to save our world, we need to be aware that our choices matter. And so, when selecting accommodations for our trips, we should privilege those that take the subject seriously and act accordingly.

That is the case when we go on a ski holiday, as well. Here is why you should choose a location like Les Arcs 1950, the next time you feel the necessity of changing your shoes for a pair of skis, for a few days.

Les Arcs 1950: Awarded the Green Key Label

Skiing is an activity that we do outside, in the mountains. If anything should remind us of the importance of nature, it is certainly this activity. If we don’t take better care of our environment, the temperature will keep rising around the world, and there will be less and less snow on the hills.

We saw it in previous years when there were hardly a few months, even weeks when we could go skiing. It illustrates the role that we each play in the world, and how our choices matter in this instance. For now, before you head to the slopes, you can take a look at Les Arcs weather live, through their 24-hour webcam.

Choosing a ski resort that is known to be environmentally friendly is important.

It is the case with Les Arcs 1950, as they were awarded the Green Key Label, which is given to tourism accommodations that have proven through their methods that they care about nature and that they act in a way that prevents further degradation of its status.

It is applied through seven different criteria which have been put in place to get real results.

It starts with saving energy and water. To do so, the hotel communicates with its customers, in order to make them aware of their own consumption, so that everyone participates in saving the environment.

By reducing waste, the resort does its part in the global consumption of the region, which translates into more savings in the country and helps the rest of the world, as well.

Purchasing is also controlled strictly by hotel management. It is done responsibly, by choosing suppliers that are also environmentally friendly like them. It implies limiting what they buy to what is necessary.

This helps the environment by saving on the number of natural resources being used daily. Finally, the resort respects environmental policies, to the best of its knowledge, in all the various actions that it takes.

A Family Environment

Furthermore, Les Arcs 1950 has made its village a family-oriented one. You won’t find cars inside its streets, which also helps to reduce pollution while making the site more secure to everyone.

It suggests activities to adults and children alike so that everyone can benefit from the beauty of nature and the opportunities that it offers, always in a safe setting.

Being a luxury resort, Les Arcs 1950 is well aware of the importance of the quality of the services and accommodations it offers but always sees them through its environmental policy-first mentality.

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