Choosing a Sleep Tourism Holiday in 2023

I was ready to sleep when I heard about sleeping tourism. But Sorry, what? Yes, you heard it. People are booking a holiday just to sleep, and it is fine.

If people used to book holidays before with the purpose of joining outdoor activities and immersing themselves in a bit of culture and history, in 2023, we are looking to catch up with our sleep and get some rest somewhere that is not at our homes.

Sleep Tourism is the new trend of travellers in many places around the world who aim to find a lot of comfort in accommodation.

It looks like the global pandemic appears to have played a role in this type of trend in tourism. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that 40% of the more than 2,500 adults who participated in its survey, reported a reduction in their sleep quality since the beginning of the pandemic.

What is sleep Tourism?

It is exactly what it looks like nothing more than the search for a quiet place to sleep in comfort. It’s paying for silence in a nice travel destination and a quality hotel room if it is possible.

These tourists want to have a quality rest experience, and sleeping well away from home is just what we need sometimes.

Where to Stay?

The truth is that there are hotels spread all over the world (and The UK is no exception), in which the main objective is to keep sleep at the centre of the tourist experience.

Basically, several hotels around the world offer private services to improve the quality of their guests’ sleep. That’s why there are specially designed beds, high-tech therapies, experts working in person, special food, and luxury everywhere – all to offer visitors the best night’s sleep ever.

All you need is a particularly quiet place, the right temperature, adequate lighting, away from smartphones and laptops and an especially comfortable bed for sleep tourism to start a good night.

What do you find in these hotels?

When you think about sleep tourism, you need to think about comfort.

The sleep spas offer a which offers state-of-the-art soundproofed rooms. Hotels can offer all kinds of amenities including sleep-inducing meditation recording, pillow menu options catering to guests who prefer to sleep on their back or side, a weighted blanket option, lullaby tea designed specifically for the service, and scented pillows.

The Benefits of Joining a Sleep Tourism Holiday

As you can imagine, travel experiences focussed on “healthy sleep strategies” that aim to provide guests with the tools they need to improve their sleep can be hugely beneficial.

But doctors and specialists suggest that after the whole experience, the guests with some kind of sleep disorder can check with a medical or scientific expert to find out if some way the sleep tourism was beneficial and improved the condition.

It is important to check if you had any progress in your sleeping pattern after your staying. Otherwise, it will bring no benefit than staying in a fancy hotel.

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