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Still in Home Office mode? I am working from home for a couple of years now and I quite like investing in home office materials and tools that help me to be more productive and organised.

But of course, it’s not just about picking the right home office material. You need a routine to be truly productive and make this choice worthwhile.

At the same time, I am also all with the idea that the right visual identity makes the brand stands out.

So, I do like investing in tools and materials that look elegant and modern on the desk. After all, a visual identity is all the formal elements that can also represent your style.

What can’t be missing from a desk?

So, it doesn’t matter if you are an executive, an individual entrepreneur or a home office worker who runs a business from home.

The important thing is that there are items that will make the office structure have the same organisation and the necessary materials to work more quickly and without wasting time.

But office supplies can’t just be decorative items, of course, it’s important that it’s aesthetically attractive to reinforce your brand’s visual identity, but it’s also essential that they are functional.

I am always bringing to my desk items that inspire my creativity. For my luck, this month I am testing new stationery tools from Andhand – an independent British pen and stationery brand focused on creating modern products to boost our creativity.

Here are my picks:

Mini Retractable Brass Pens

Pens are items that are used a lot in everyday life and there isn’t a person who doesn’t have a pen on their desk, right? I am still that person who prefers to write in notebooks and buy new planners every single year.

As a journalist and blogger, I also carry my pens and pad notes in my handbag everywhere. After all, you never know when you will have new ideas and insights for a new post or article.

So, I do browse for new pens online. They can be of different types: basic, hydrographic, gel, in all colours and cutting-edge formats.

This time, I am using the brass series method mini pen which is such an elegant item to have in important meetings and events where you are planning to interview people and take quick notes as well.

This mini retractable pen has a solid brass body that makes writing for long periods a comfy and easy task for me.

I am using it now on a project in which I read books and take notes of passages that are important to my reviews. I just love the modern and elegant design. It is indeed a timeless piece.

And I just love the fact this is a Parker-style G2 refill type of pen, making it easy to find multiple colours to go for according to my needs. That will be the pen that I will take with me on holiday too.

Hoop Tape Dispenser

Here is the item that I didn’t know I needed until I got it. This hoop tape dispenser is one of the most beautiful stationery items that I ever see. And yes, I do use lots of tapes and washi tapes in my daily life.

They are quite useful in my Japanese studies, journals, and journals. So, yes, I do need a tape dispenser on my desk.

I love its sleek and modern design and the gold colour just makes it stands out on your table. Beautiful indeed. It is a quite durable tool considering its combination of precision machined aluminium and custom-made stainless-steel blade.

It is also true that I am thinking about changing my desktop space now just to match this elegant piece of stationery, but this is a talk for another post.

*I received the product complimentary from Andhand  for testing purposes

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