How to raise a polite child

Every parent wants to raise a polite child. One with good manners who knows the right way to behave and speak. Raising a polite child is a crucial aspect of parenting that not only enhances social interactions but also instills important values and morals in a child.

A polite child is one who is respectful, kind, empathetic, and considerate towards others, regardless of their background, differences, or status. Children who are polite are more likely to make positive impressions and build stronger and more meaningful relationships with peers and adults. So where does it all begin? The answer is with you. Below is an article advised by this prep school in Kent, that goes into more detail on how to raise a polite child.

Be a great role model

One thing that should be noted is children need to receive respect to understand it well too. Begin by modelling respect in the simplest of ways such as listening well, not interrupting when your child speaks, and saying please and thank you when they help you out.

Showing respect back to your child is the easiest way for them to understand how respect makes them feel, in turn, increasing the chances of them wanting to make others feel the same validation and kindness too.

Have manners

The first way many children are shown to practice manners is through words. Please and thank you may seem small at first but are actually a lot heavier on the scales than perceived.

Unfortunately, as children grow up, these phrases get used less and less. Give them the occasional reminder here and there as in many cases, they may just simply forget. It’s all about practice and making it into a habit that sticks for life.

Praise respectful behaviour

Children will always repeat behaviour that they notice will get rewarded. To ensure your child instils the best habits when it comes to respect and politeness, praise your child for the times that they are respectful to others, especially when they do it on their own accord.

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