The benefits of journalling for children

What is journalling? It is the process of simply writing down thoughts and feelings in a way to help you understand them better. Journals are an excellent tool for those who want to express both positive and negative emotions. It is one of the best ways to organise thoughts, express emotions and work on writing skills.

Whether it be for mental health, education, or a hobby, there are many ways in which journalling can take place. Journals can also be written according to a number of themes such as gratitude, science, travel, and even nature.

The best part about it is that there is no wrong way to journal as each person’s experience is unique. Here are some tips from this boy’s private school in London on the benefits of journalling for children.

Help your child deal with big feelings

The younger years of a child that lead into early teens can be quite difficult as they are full of many changes and unexpected emotions. Along with these will come emotions that they cannot process given that they have never felt them before.

A private journal can be just the place for them to pour their heart. At first, they may seem hesitant to do so but will find that writing down feelings is very different from saying them out loud. A space that is non-judgemental can be just the thing your child needs to help them understand their own self better and process their feelings.

Improve writing skills

Naturally, journalling will help students build on their writing skills.

In the same way, other skills need practice, writing is enhanced through the process of trial and error. Spelling, sentence structure, and grammar all can be worked on through the simple art of journalling. It is also the perfect place for those who don’t particularly enjoy writing but want to improve their skills as it is the one place where they can choose what and how they write. This sense of control is what leads to writing becoming more appealing over time to children.

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