Pro Tips on How to Care for a Pet

Happy National Pet Day Yay!

And to celebrate it, I am bringing here a few of my thoughts on how to care for a pet.  The special relation and bond that we build with our pets Man’s relationship with dogs and cats go back a long way. For millennia these partnerships have thrived, but never have we seen such strong bonds as we experience today with our pets.

For so long now, treated as family members, the furry ones have a captive space in the hearts of many of us. It’s also important to

I have also noticed that during the Global pandemic, pet adoption has grown a lot, and that’s no wonder since living with them confers a series of benefits to physical and mental health, confirmed by science, including.

That is not only due to this, but did you know that having a pet reduces cholesterol levels in the body? It also increases our mood at high levels. Interesting, isn’t it?

However, this exchange comes with some responsibilities. Pets need our companions to need attention, and it is necessary to take care of pets to ensure their well-being and quality of life.

If you are about to adopt a furry friend or just want to keep them healthy and happy, here are some tips on how to care for a pet.


I have a quite fussy cat. And I try to control what he eats offering the same type of healthy food since the day we adopted him. As he is an ex-feral cat, that lives 24/07 indoors, I think it is quite easy to control what he eats.

Like us and all animals, the nutrients pets need to maintain their vital function come from food. But unlike their ancestors, our dogs and cats live inside our homes and don’t need to hunt to survive.

But this means that it is you who needs to provide what your pet needs to grow and develop fully. So, try to give complete and balanced foods, specific to each animal (a cat cannot eat dog food and vice versa) and for its stage of life.

In addition to the proper feed, always leave a clean drinking fountain with fresh and abundant water for the pet. The idea is to sanitize the pots once a day, but do it at least once a week, combined. It is quite an important way of caring for your pet even when distant.


I don’t need to remind you how important is to keep a pet’s well-being, right? After all, you will know that dogs and cats are beings capable of feeling emotions. Thus, they need affection and attention.

Despite being at home all the time, my cat Dougal has plenty of space to himself. As you can see in the photos on this blog. He is a special babe. Someone once said he doesn`t have a single bad bone. He is exactly like this. Sometimes too quiet, others, a mad cat.

Even though, we are always incentivising him to play around. This is because play encourages physical exercise (which prevents obesity) and maintains the mental health of pets (warding off stress and behavioural disorders).

It is quite important to provide a rich environment where your partner usually stays, with toys that stimulate your cognition and your instincts, and dedicate quality time to enjoy with your pet.

The same is applied to dogs. They need space and entertainment. And it means giving it a bit of extra attention daily. I wouldn’t say dogs need more attention than cats, but they are certainly more hectic than most cats.

For children with dogs, the love of a canine companion can influence their world in a positive way, enabling them to grow up stronger and more resilient. Dogs don’t judge, get bored of our jokes, or tire of walks along the same route.

Their enthusiasm is quite contagious indeed. For this reason, I am sharing with you, an exciting campaign. Vet’s Kitchen is launching the Woof & Well 2023 Award with a focus on mental well-being.

This award is a quite sweet way of looking for tales of everyday canine heroism from owners who want to thank their dog for helping them and their family feel better; dogs who have proven their worth as part of a family or the wider community.

After all, when we look after our pets, we also invest in our well-being. Check all the details for the entry for this special competition in the picture below.


I know you don’t need to hear it, but vaccination is a number one priority when we think about keeping our pets healthy.

It cannot be neglected concerning vaccines. There are a variety of pathogens that cause serious diseases in dogs and cats (which leave sequelae or are fatal), and vaccination ensures the protection of pets. In addition, there are zoonoses (diseases that can be transmitted to people) that must be controlled.


I’ve learnt quite quickly that Dougal doesn’t like having water. We took him to the vet for trimming, but he was so scared that the lady just needed to wash him. He wasn’t a happy bunny in the end.

However, he is a quite clean cat (like many of the cats that I have met in life). He smells like a biscuit. And yes, that is what every cat mother would say about their felines.

But the truth is that regular baths and a hygienic approach to your pets are other important points to avoid diseases to keep the hygiene of pets up to date. Starting with the bath, which prevents the accumulation of dirt that can cause serious infections. In addition, bathing the pet allows you to observe his entire body, ensuring the absence of fleas, ticks, and even bruises and allergies on the skin that may have gone unnoticed.


If you visit my home, you will quickly learn that home is where the cat feels happy. We do keep lots of secluded and comfy spaces for Dougal to rest. Sometimes, he likes to sleep next to us on the floor or on one of his thousand’s beds.

Other times, he likes to be by himself under the bed or in the spare room where I have sorted his pace for chill without being bothered. He is a cat. Cats are chilled.

But the truth is that choosing a perfect comfy place for them to sleep is part of keeping them healthy and chilled.

This prevents your pet from climbing on some objects and makes him feel more comfortable. Everyone feels more at home, safer, and more relaxed when they get a bed to sleep in, don’t they? This is quite the case with your pet. Animals with their own bed and their little corner with toys also feel safer, so they run away less.

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