5 Cheap Mediterranean Cities for a Coastal Break

The winter in the UK was harsh this year and we can’t wait to get rid of the water blues. The best way of doing it is by spending some time enjoying sunny destinations. Spring is just around ten corners and it’s time to start to plan your holidays by the seaside.

If you can’t wait for the opportunity to discover a destination on the coast, know that the Mediterranean Sea region is home to a perfect itinerary for those who love paradisiacal beaches.

Spread across several countries, the waters of the Mediterranean bathe different scenarios, making it the perfect adventure for those who like to discover new cultures, and charming cities and break an unparalleled sea.

To inspire you to explore the world, we made a list of some of the cheapest places to visit on a trip to the Mediterranean. Check it out:

Orán | Algeria

Are you looking for a beautiful coastal city break? The city of Orán is a beautiful coastal city that, was inspired by the seaside resort of Nice in France.

It is one of the most important cities in Algeria, as it has much cultural, commercial, and industrial importance, in addition to being one of the most visited cities in the country. In the past, the city was used for commercial purposes until it was governed by the French. Brits need to take a visit to enter the country. So, please, check the government’s foreign travel advice when planning your trip to Algeria.

Inspired by the French city of Nice, Oran is one of the main destinations in the country. It has a beautiful shoreline, surrounded by restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlours, lookouts and cliffs overlooking the sea. The old centre has several buildings of French architecture. The tourist structure even includes luxury resorts.

Port Said | Egypt

Port Said is a city that impresses with its contrasts. Located at the mouth of the Suez Canal, it has one of the most important ports in Egypt and has a rich culture that can be seen through its tourist and gastronomic attractions.

To learn about the history of Port Said, be sure to visit the city’s National Museum, which has a collection of pieces and objects that belonged to the ancient Egyptian civilization, such as coins and manuscripts. Another tourist attraction is the Fort of Port Said, a historic building located about 5 km from the city centre.

In addition, you can visit the Arsenal Basin neighbourhood, where you can find several houses built in the European colonial style, which are a great reference for the contrast that exists in advance of time and changes within the city.

Tunis | Tunisia

At first sight, Tunis may even seem like a “mess”, but it is precisely walking unhurriedly through the labyrinth of alleys in the Medina (the historic centre), amidst a lot of people, mosques, markets, shops, and cafes, talking to Tunisians and understanding a little of the local life, that the city starts to become more and more interesting and pleasant.

Between the 12th and 16th centuries, Tunis was one of the richest cities in the world. More than 700 monuments, palaces, mosques, mausoleums, and fountains bear witness to the city’s prosperous past and mix of Andalusian, Hafsid and Ottoman influences.

Tangier | Morocco

Tangier is the closest African city to Europe and is an excellent starting point for getting to know a little about Arab culture. Cross the Strait of Gibraltar and find out in advance what to visit in this stunning city!

It is known as the most modern city in Morocco, as it has the conditions to receive Spanish, African, and Moroccan culture! Get to know the main points of interest and tips on what to do in Tangier so you can make the most of your visit to Morocco.

Make the most of the beauty of this city’s beaches on a camel ride. Enjoy the views and feel like a real Moroccan!

Izmir | Turkey

The city of Izmir, also known in Turkey as Izmir, is one of the biggest tourist cities in Turkey. There is a lot to do and see in Izmir, the city has very interesting places such as bazaars, ancient monuments and beautiful places facing the Aegean Sea.

Izmir is a very old city, with a rich culture, nourished by the passage of different cultures through the region. Today, the city is still very relevant; in fact, it is one of the most modern cities, being the country’s second most important port after Istanbul and the third largest Turkish city after Istanbul and Ankara.

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