March Favourites | 2023

Is it just me, or do you also have the feeling March would last forever? It was a long month in so many aspects, from money perspectives to the cold that never left the UK and the Spring that is not here yet. Anyways, another month, and here are my favourites of March. It is a bit delayed with this one. But hey Ho! Better later than never.

March was a month of many good surprises too. I have spent most of the time working from home, but despite the cold days, I had some time out as well.  But I can’t complain too much as this was one of the most inspiring months for me. So, here are my words about my best of March.

The Benefits of Organic Wine | Blog Post

I must be honest and say, there was not so much going on in the blogosphere this year. It is probably the worst year for blogging so far. I have no idea if Google is on a mission to make our lives harder, but all I know is that this year is a bit spicy.

The health benefits of Organic Wine

With this said, I had to say I had a few interesting posts to right. One of them was about the benefits of organic wine. I had become quite interested in research about natural wine and felt like it would be a great idea to share my thoughts with you while drinking a glass or two of red natural wine.


Succession | Streaming

I don’t know about you, but I was waiting for the Succession season finale since I finished the other three seasons in one go. And if you never watched it, stop reading this post now, and go watch it. And yes, episode 3 is the greatest episode of TV this year. I didn’t feel speechless since Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul.

The fact is that the fate of Roy’s family is coming to an end, and we had so bloody idea of what will happen from now to go, is just sad, confusing, and exciting. All at once. Just like how we feel in one of the scenes when Rom, Chiv, and Ken are portraying their hate-love feelings for their father.

The acting is outstanding. And I am obsessed with Kieran Culkin – what a freaking talented creature. The truth is that Succession is one of the best series I ever watched, and it will be missed. Immensely.

PS – the video above is part of HBO’s podcast on Succession. Don’t listen to it if you don`t want to have spoilers. 🙂

The Good Time Girls | Book

This year, I have decided to read more books about genres that I am not so familiar with. One great example of it is Western literature. I was never a big fan of it. But I have to say that I was quite surprised by The Good Time Girls. So, here is my review of the book March.

The Good Time Girls (Wild-Willed Women of the West Book #1)The Good Time Girls by K.T. Blakemore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn’t too sure about this history when I read the prologue. But as soon I got into the tough life of Ruby and Pip, things changed. I felt like I could embark together on their journey through Kansas City to enjoy their rollercoaster ride.

The Good Time Girls is a Western novel set in 1905, but that could be also a contemporary history about strong, wild, and ahead-of-their-time women out there.

The history pretty much starts giving us the panorama of Ruby Calhoun’s life minding her business, living an ordinary and (quite) low-profile life while managing Calhoun’s Cigars by herself.

Meanwhile, Pip Quinn, an (ex) friend and ex-dance partner of Ruby, shows up to her shop looking for more than just a pack of Peter Schenley’s cigars. She is determined to convince Ruby to track back a common enemy of theirs named Cullen aka “damn bastard” Wilder.

They hate the guy, and they go to find them because according to them “the only way to escape him is to kill him”.

As you can imagine, that is when the fun starts. To be honest, it is a quite long book that goes backward and forward into their personal back history.

Their friendship has ups and downs during the adventure, just like everybody else’s – the ones you know can count on at bad and, of course, good times.

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Madagascar Centella Ampole by Skin 1004 | Skincare

Yay! Here we go again with another essential Korean skincare product added to my favourites recently. It has been a time since I am looking for a serum to add to my skincare regime. And I do confess I was a bit influenced by many online great reviews of this product.

So, I have decided to give it a go, and voila – it is a great serum indeed.

It is perfect for sensitive skin. The whole product is surrounded around one only ingredient: Centella Asiatica. To be honest, I have already heard about it in the past. It is an antioxidant, a source of amino acids, and has a calming effect.

In addition, it also contains essential oils and exerts anti-inflammatory effects by activating blood flow. And that was enough reason for me to buy a product that has 100% Centella Asiatica in its formula.

Skin 1004 is quite an interesting Korean brand that caters to people with all types of skins. They have a quite clean approach, using the best of untouched nature as their ingredients. I love its aesthetically pleasing packaging and I can’t wait to test its cleansing products. My dry skin is in heaven!

Nike Air Force | Best Purchase

I am not buying too much this year for obvious reasons. Everything is so expensive in this country now. But the good news is that second-hand shops are buzzing. And I have started to purchase a lot of pre-loved items.

Vinted is a great place to find great items. That is when I decided to start my Nike Air Force collection. I am actually selling some stuff there too. So, I have found these gorgeous Dusky pink suede pair of Air Forces that got my heart. This is one of the comfiest trainers I have at this moment. And I want more. 😊

Lavender Haze by Taylor Swift | Music


Yeah, I am probably highly influenced by all the buzzing around Taylor Swift’s tour. But the truth is that I am addicted to her album Midnights, and again, her way of telling stories is quite unique. You can`t deny it. The album was released last year, but I guess it is revived now because of her tour.

It helps that Midnights has that kind of Haim-sisters vibe, But I am quite impressed with the lyrics of most of this album, especially Karma and Lavender Haze. Yes, I am not a massive Swiftie. But I love this song so much. The music video is just perfect, and I am still vibing to it on repeat.

The Cottage Fairy | YouTube Channel

I don’t watch TV. I don’t even have a TV license anymore. And I am so proud of it. But most of what I like watching comes from YouTube channels.

I am trying to find new ways of improving my English on this platform too– as a student, not a teacher. And I came across this channel during my studies. I am obsessed now. The Cottage Fairy is Paola Merrill – an artist, and teacher living a true off-the-grid life.

As far as I know, she lives in a remote area of the US, and her channel is about her day-to-day life. For me, she is a storyteller of modern times, living a peaceful and low-paced lifestyle while sharing it online. I am still catching up with most of the videos yet. It is reinvigorating and educative. You should visit Paola’s cottage too.

Call me Chihiro | Film

My love for independent films is back. To the point, I am watching streaming more than usual. This must be something to do with the fact we are finding new ways of entertainment at home as cost-of-living bites.

So, Call Me Chihiro is one of these captivating films that is even a long one, it still kept you glued to the slow-paced, melancholic, and rough life of Chihiro. The fact the story is set in a small Japanese rural town also got me. The photography is, as you can imagine, outstanding.

And I love everything about her low-profile life routine, and the bond she builds with people from that community – at that moment. But the film is not JUST about it. You need to watch and make your judgment.

Digbeth | Place

As I mentioned at the beginning of this way-too-long post, I didn’t go out too much. Several reasons come from weather to money. But I am blessed with friends that don’t matter how long we didn’t see each other; it will always be like we have just met yesterday. No drama!

So, I met my friend Melissa for a well-deserved catching-up. The first one since we saw each other briefly at the beginning of the year. We had lots to talk about, and explored the Red Brick Market for a while, then had a pizza at Baked in Brick.

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