My Essential Spring Haul to Welcome the Warmer Days

As we start to finally be seeing some signs of Spring, it is time to put the big coats away (ish). If you are a Brazilian citizen, just like me, it will take a bit of time yet to feel the heat. But we are getting there.

Yes, we know that the mornings are still cold and that big coats are still part of the routine. But the truth is that I already want lighter pieces, some colour and, of course, other shoes besides boots.

Best of all, most of the pieces we suggest below are already part of your closet. Yes, you read that right.

The arrival of good weather was accompanied by a vibrant shade, agreed? You know it is time to get rid of big coats and to give space to some intense mixture of colours.

Let’s swap several layers and pieces made of heavier materials for lighter productions, with fewer pieces and fresher fabrics, without investing in comfort and style, of course.

With the change in wardrobe and homeware, there is the question of which pieces are must-haves for the new season and which ones are worth the investment. Thinking about that, I have put together a guide with some of my favourite items and tips to inspire you this spring.

Versatile Accessories

It doesn’t matter if you are bringing back pastel colours or want to use a black classic piece or palette, small bags are here to stay! These little accessories complete any look and can act as a pop of colour for this spring.

2023 women’s handbags are sure to be one of the favourite fashion accessories of this season. In the spring collections, we saw several models of bags for all styles and tastes.

But a very special place was occupied by the irresistible bags of bright and vivid colours, which are very eye-catching and will brighten up any spring outfit.

However, why not think outside the box and choose a classic cross-body bag in black? That is my pick for this spring.


Vibrant colours

Vibrant colours are ideal for “inviting” good weather. Take advantage of this time to take chances and step out of your comfort zone! So why not opt for more colourful pieces (orange, pink, blue, green) like a gorgeous pair of Florence Printed Wide-Leg Trousers. You’ll see that you’ll shine without having to work too hard to do so. Yellow is my colour of choice for this spring!

A simple asset to any wardrobe, this colour illuminates and brings the touch of light that the season calls for. Investing in monochromatic sets is the most immediate way to integrate this trend into your outfit, but you can also combine it with other energetic tones to elevate your day-to-day disposition for the new season.

And when we talk about spring clothes, she is, of course, one of the protagonists.

You can wear them with skirts and a biker jacket, with trousers and a trench coat, under long cardigans or simply with jeans and more eye-catching accessories.

Navy Blue Pieces

Yep, I love the colour blue. And I am not ashamed to say most of my clothes are in navy blue. It is timeless and perfect for Spring and summer. This blue, a little more vibrant and punchier than the more classic navy, is perfect for spring/summer.

The good part is that, like navy, it also goes perfectly with other pieces in your wardrobe. And what’s even better: Pacific blue is just as elegant as navy blue and many designers have chosen to use it in their collections.

My favourite is the cut-off trousers. So, if this model of pants is already part of your usual clothes, how about taking advantage of the warm days to combine them with a striped sweater and flat shoes?

The result is a beautiful and stylish outfit that you can wear for work at home or for a walk.

Now that you know how you can wear spring clothes right away, take the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and challenge your own style.

Ready to debut spring looks full of class?

Comfy & Chic

When we talk about trends for spring, we can also talk about the changes you make at your home. After the colder seasons, it’s time to put the blankets in the closet and enjoy the spring-summer nights.

For this, having refreshed and comfortable bed and bath items makes sleep cosier and even completes the bedroom and living room decor.

A throw works perfectly as a piece that can bring life to your space. You go into spring with a fun way of fresh up your home.

It is so versatile as well. If you want to take it outdoors to enjoy some snacks and a drink in the garden on spring and summer nights, just put it around your shoulders to drape you against the cool breeze.

*I received the products complimentary from Cotton Traders for testing purposes

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