Most Popular Cruise Trips for 2023

*After two seasons under the threat of the pandemic, 2023 is emerging as the year of resumption of the sea and river cruise market worldwide.

The coming back of cruise seasons is already visible, as well as different itineraries and new ships, generating a wave of optimism for companies and options for cruise passengers.

The advantages are numerous, such as discovering several different destinations without having to change ships, experiencing varied cuisine, enjoying different attractions, and relaxing in super comfortable cabins.

And all this through a privileged view, always with lots of fun and leisure, for all tastes and ages.

In this context, cruises 2023 has become one of the most practical and enjoyable options for a holiday trip this year. The advantages of taking a cruise trip are many and range from ease of movement to attractions for all ages available on the ship.

If you are looking for this type of holiday where you can visit stunning cities around the world while relaxing and enjoying leisure activities aboard, here are the best types of cruise trips to join in 2023.

Family Cruises

a family by the pool at a cruise ship

Quite popular around the globe, a family cruise is a popular option among many tourists as their first experience travelling by ship. After all, it is the kind of holiday on the sea that will cater to adults and children.

With the aim of offering something for the whole family, these cruises tend to be busy and offer a variety of entertainment options throughout the day, catering to different age groups.

The food service is complete and all-inclusive, such as breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and supper, with soft drinks also included. Something that makes a huge difference for big families when they are looking for an all-inclusive holiday.

They may offer facilities such as nurseries or kids’ clubs and may or may not be all-inclusive. Different family cruises may cater to slightly different age groups, and it may be important to check this out as some will also have a lower age limit.

Luxury Cruises

a woman enjoying a meal and wine on a cruise ship

Luxury cruises are designed for those who are willing to enjoy the most exclusive and comfortable possible experience.

Beyond borders and on the high seas, the new trend is travel on luxury cruise ships, which offer breathtaking itineraries and impeccable services.

These types of cruise ships tend to take place on smaller boats and are more exclusive, meaning they are less busy than family options. Perfect for those looking for comfort and a quieter holiday.

Cabins will generally be larger, the boat’s facilities will generally be of better quality, and the service will be more personalised, sometimes including personal butlers. In many cases, they will be fully inclusive.

Most of them will combine starred gastronomic experiences with diverse activities. If you are looking for comfort, paradisiacal scenery, and a staff that is always ready to offer the best to guests, this is the best type of cruise for you.

River Cruises

a cruise ship in the river

Here is one of my favourites. River cruises with a focus on food and wine will place much less emphasis on entertainment options and facilities, instead prioritising high-quality cuisine and an excellent wine selection. It’s a type of paradise by the sea, isn’t it?

For this reason, they are ideal for cultured travellers looking to relax and unwind. In addition, they can often serve as an educational experience as well, offering cooking classes, wine-tasting sessions, and classes on the best wines to pair with certain foods.

Most of those cruises are, as the name suggests, river cruises that travel along rivers rather than across oceans, meaning they usually stay within one country or at least one region.

Cruise ships are significantly smaller than the largest ocean-going cruise ships, and as a result, some of the facilities and entertainment options may also be reduced. They are often all-inclusive and can be more relaxing – due to travelling in calmer waters.

Ocean Cruises

Have you ever wondered how would be travelling oceans around the world? Ocean cruises normally travel between different islands, making use of large cruise ships, which are often capable of carrying thousands of passengers at once.

As a result, they are ideal for people looking for busy cruises with lots of people to talk to and activities to join. These cruises may target different demographics but will have hotel-like facilities, often including swimming pools and shops. The entertainment options on a cruise ship are also extensive.

All you need to do is relax in the comfort of your cabin, in the pools on deck, or in our Spa, tasting the best cuisine in any of our restaurants and sharing unforgettable moments with your friends while dreaming about your next destination.

* In collaboration with Ambassador Cruise Line

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