How to Organise Your Car

Some people say our car is a continuation of our home. I do agree with it. For me, it is essential to organise your car, especially in big cities, where we spend many hours, a day commuting and in traffic jams.

This way, objects accumulate that are forgotten or some items are stored in the vehicle exactly to make long journeys less stressful.

However, keeping your car tidy isn’t just a matter of personal whim, it’s also a matter of safety.

The more belongings you leave in the car, the more attractive the car is to thieves looking to do petty theft. Is it worth having a broken window or door because of the mess you left in the car? No, so be careful.

Thinking about making your life easier, I have put together some tips on how to organise your car effectively and with no waste of time.

Decide What to keep in the Car

I know that if you have kids, it is nearly impossible to keep things tied up all the time. They bring toys, games, and other items to the car, right?

In this case, the best idea might be investing in an organiser that fits into the back of the front seats.

Organisers can store everything the kids carry and keep the car organised and, within their reach, making it easier for the little ones to access their own objects. You can find many Search the internet and you will see different models and prices.

Some items, such as an umbrella should be always inside the car – on the trunk or behind the back seats it does not interfere with the seats and is accessible to everyone. We never know when a storm might strike and surprise us.


Clean the Car Interior

Start from inside to save you time. You can organise the interior of your car, throwing away all old papers and rubbish scattered around. We do accumulate lots of waste in our cars and don’t even notice it.

Sometimes, we can even donate objects that are no longer needed.

Don’t forget to look in the glove compartment, side pockets, and under the seats. Creating a routine for washing and hoovering your car’s interior is key to keeping it clean.

It is worth it to have a bin in the car as well. There are several models to hang in the gear of the car or in a place that is easily accessible to everyone, including those in the back seat.

Be careful not to throw liquid or organic waste, such as a bottle with a leftover drink or a piece of food, which can give off a bad smell and attract insects. Remember to empty the trash whenever it’s full.

In the Trunk of the Car

If I tell you that until some months ago, I had a telescope and a chess game in the trunk of the car, would you believe it? Of course, you would.

The truth is that we use the trunks as dumpsters sometimes and didn’t even realise it. It is important to keep a first-aid kit inside the car. To not take up space, store it in your suitcase, on top of an old towel or a blanket, for example.

Keep one or more ecological bags or organisers in your suitcase too, to transport items from the car to the house or to help carry the supermarket purchases.

Keeping the car organised is simpler when we keep it organised. If everything is in the right place, it will help you to have less work to be done and find them when you need it.


In the glove box

I don’t think I need to tell you this, but documents such as the vehicle manual must be kept in the car, all the time.

Other items that you may need in an emergency could be as well as a small flashlight. The glove compartment is the ideal place to keep these items, as they are close at hand and protected at the same time.

You can also keep some small objects, such as pens, mobile phone chargers, headphones, pairs of glasses, etc.

They must be kept together, so, it is better to keep them in a small bag or case for example.

This way it is more difficult for them to get lost in the car. Cleaning items such as boxes of tissue paper or baby wipes are also very helpful.

In the front door compartments:

My husband’s car is notorious for having all kinds of stuff in the door compartments. You can find from ice cream packaging to coins on it.

It’s not hard to find coins lying on the floor, inside the glove compartment, or under the seats. It happens all the time.

But to keep your car organised and prevent them from getting lost, why not placing them place them in a coin purse in the driver’s door compartment for easy access?

Some car models come with a coin holder in the dashboard area, so make the most of it.

Keeping a small plastic folder to store papers inside the car can be useful. It will be the perfect place to add those parking receipts and credit card purchases that keep piling up.

Gathering all the papers in the same folder makes it easier to take them home and organize the documents in their respective places.

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