The importance of parent-teacher communication in school

Strong and effective communication between parents and teachers, plays a huge role in a child’s education. By establishing a strong partnership, both you and the teacher can work together to ensure a supportive and safe learning environment.

Given that you are your child’s greatest teacher and role model, it is important that you do try and get involved with their learning, instead of sitting back and letting the teacher do all the work.

There are plenty of reasons why this is so important, with it being furthered discussed below. Here are some tips from this private girl’s school in London on the importance of parent-teacher communication in school.

Improvement in overall development

One of the first changes you will see when it comes to parent-teacher communication, is an instant improvement in your child’s development. This is because it increases their motivation for learning, school attendance and brings about a positive attitude when it comes to learning in school and completing homework.

By simply putting effort into your child’s education, it shows that you are aware of the importance of their academic journey and care for their success in the future.

Teachers can teach better

Once parents put in more effort to keep in touch with their child’s teacher on a regular basis, teachers find that they can be more focused when it comes to teaching in class. A parent sees the side of a child that the teacher never does.

Through open and clear communication, parents can help the teacher understand what stimulates, bores and interests their child. Once the teacher is aware of the little one’s learning style and any exterior factors that could be affecting their in-class learning, they have the chance to make a better judgement and approach to teaching the child.

Remember, it is essentially a relationship between you, your child and their teacher. By keeping the links strong and communication open, you can easily help your child reach their full potential.

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