How to raise a well-mannered child

Please and thank you are the very basic manners expected from every individual you come across. No matter which country you travel to, no matter what language a person speaks, manners always come first.

Many parents nowadays focus so heavily on ensuring their child is preparing for a great future full of extracurricular activities and fantastic grades, that they either put in very little time to teach their child how to be well-mannered or let it slip altogether.

However, success is found in more places than grades and skills, with a good person with a kind and considerate heart, being the most successful of all. Raising a child who is genuinely nice to people can definitely be a task, but one that will reap benefits for many years to come. Here is some advice from this private school in Cheshire, on how to raise a well-mannered child.

Nurture empathy

Being kind is something that comes naturally to people when they are in touch with their own emotions and have empathy toward others. This is the ability to put yourself into someone else’s shoes and consider their feelings and thoughts.

To nurture empathy in your little one, encourage them to talk about how they feel and to make sure they know that you love and care for them. Teach them how to behave and react when a conflict occurs with another individual, as it makes all the difference when the situation is handled positively.

Encourage them to be Uplifting

Children constantly hear about other children being bullied, with the news of the good many being constantly buried. It is important that children also hear about the good deeds that others perform, and how it makes a difference to the lives of many. Encourage your child to be the reason someone smiled, without expecting something in return. The more they practice these small acts of kindness, the quicker they will begin to realise that the rewards are all in the happiness they spread to others.

A well-mannered child is one who receives the right upbringing and has constant reminders on how to treat others. Through the acts of being empathetic and spreading love and happiness, your child will be well on their way to being a great individual.

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