How your Home Can Influence Your Mental Health

Healthy Body, Healthy mind! The popular saying can also be applied to our homes. After all, the mess doesn’t match well-being. A well-planned environment is always a great way of keeping a balanced mind.

It is known that environments can bring us all kinds of different sensations. It generates some reactions and changes in behaviours in people.

For this reason, I always think about the rooms of my home as spaces decorated with my personal taste, furniture, accessories, and elements that will bring a positive impact on my mental health.

There is no ready-made formula for improving mental health through home décor, but good ventilation, natural and correct lighting, plants, and other tricks can be beneficial for our health and cause a great impact on people’s brains.

The lighting, the colour of the walls, the arrangement of furniture and decorative objects and even the number of plants inside the house: everything can influence the mental health of residents.

Thinking about it, I have put together a guide on how to improve your mental health through home décor.

Colours and Lightning to Calm You Down

One of the most interesting features of my new home was the walls. The previous owner had great taste and certainly knew how to make the rooms more pleasant using neutral colours. The bathroom has a bright blue colour that makes the room stands out.

The spaces were well-lighting and it helped in making a positive impact on our first visit to the place.

Wall colours and lighting are very important for mental health. My apartment is quite spacious, and we will have to repaint it at some point. But I have noticed that during the Spring and Summer, the natural light will help us to keep warm and

For smaller spaces, it is always better the ideal are light colours, which will make the environment clearer, due to the reflection of light, will be calmer.

It is important to remember that the use of colours and indirect lighting in bedrooms can be intensified to help in the production of melatonin at night.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Did you know that growing a vegetable garden or caring for plants benefits your physical and mental health? Studies prove that messing with the earth decreases anxiety, depression and diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

I do understand why more and more people are investing in growing plants in gardens and indoor spaces.

Making greener spaces at home have multiple benefits in several sectors, providing economic, environmental, psychological and well-being advantages.

Also, plants can increase memory by up to 20%, improve its condition and performance, and stimulate the senses. They influence people in positive ways, resulting in higher quality and accuracy in work and helping to increase productivity.

One of the most important conditions for an environment to become more comfortable for residents is natural lighting.

When correctly applied, lighting proper ventilation, low noise levels and a palette of finishes compatible with the functions developed there – generate comfortable and harmonious spaces, thus contributing to good living.

Making Rooms More Practical

I don’t know if it is common thinking, but I like to have practical and comfortable rooms in my home. No excess, only using the spaces in a clever way.

The first step is to choose comfortable furniture that provides a feeling of warmth. If they are long-term spaces, lighter colours are more interesting.

Leave stronger colours for the decoration details, such as cushions, objects, and paintings. It is also interesting that the lighting is adaptable to the use, which means having more than one system.

If you are keen on smart homes, it is your time to shine and be creative. I also love investing in practicality. For this reason, I would choose furniture that can be used on different occasions or can be placed in different spaces of my home.

For elderly people who live alone, I would recommend investing in safety too. After all, your home should be adapted to your needs.

No one likes to feel like a prisoner in their own home. However, this situation turns out to be the reality of countless people who live in houses with more than one floor.

The use of curved stairlifts, adaptable bathrooms, and other practical appliances can make locomotion at home easier and less stressful for elderly people.

Home Organised and Mindfulness

I don’t need to repeat it, but to a greater or lesser extent, a dirty and messy space usually generates a certain nuisance, doesn’t it? The truth is that our brain reads mess as an excess of visual stimulation. The mental health benefits of a clean home are numerous.

It is like unnecessary information that doesn’t have any benefit to our mental health. In fact, mess in general is stressful, and it will get in the way of our focus.

For this reason, not just cleaning, but mainly, putting intention into cleaning can be a differential when it comes to mental health. Making the bed, washing the dishes, vacuuming, or even mopping the floor can be extremely relaxing activities, especially if done carefully.

Environments directly influence emotional issues, and the way people deal with them will certainly influence your mental health – for bad or good.

Simone Ribeiro
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