The Best Kid’s Beds with Built-In Storage

Storage in kids’ bedrooms is a massive challenge. Clothes, toys, and books often end up scattered around the floor or crammed into closets, and let’s not forget about pillows and duvets, which start piling up out of nowhere!

Thankfully, there is a solution – a storage bed with drawers, shelves, and even a slide-out wardrobe to clear up the clutter and keep things neat.

Storage beds provide discrete storage to maximise the available space for sleeping. Drawers are ideal for linens, clothes, and other items, while shelves can be used for books and knick-knacks like figurines and trading card folders.

This article reveals the bed kid’s storage beds with built-in storage, with prices starting from only £314 up to £899.

Let’s jump in!

Nordic Mill Rainbow

Price: £314 with drawers. £354 with drawers and a guardrail.

Check out the Nordic Mill Rainbow if you want a simple and affordable kid’s bed with storage. This white bed frame has two drawers on wheels (ideal for all flooring types) and a guardrail for younger children.

Pictured: Nordic Rainbow, Available from Bedstar.

Also available in baby blue, the Nordic Mill Rainbow is a sleek, minimalist bed frame made from solid pine. It has a solid slatted base ideal for all mattress types, although an open coil or pocket spring mattress will work best.

Birlea Appleby Storage Bed

Pictured: Birlea Appleby, Available from Bedstar.

Price: £329.

The Birlea Appleby is a classic single bed with built-in drawers, making it a timeless option your child can grow up with. It has four large drawers ideal for bedding and clothes, or you can use them for toy and book storage.

The Appleby’s contemporary design includes a white, rectangular profile and a slatted headboard, with a solid slatted base ideal for sprung mattresses. The low footboard also makes jumping into bed safe for your kid.

Bedmr Tyler Trundle Bed

Price: £459.

The beauty of the Bedmr Tyler is it has a slide-out trundle bed, which your children can use as a second bed for sleepovers and as storage any other time. It also has integrated shelves that are perfect for books and games.

Pictured: Bedmr Tyler 3FT Single Wooden Bed with Trundle Bed, Available from Bedstar.

Trundle beds are dual-purpose beds perfect for kids’ bedrooms. The Tyler stands out with its solid pine build, modern grey finish, and three shelves. It’s an ideal bed for children as young as five, and you can add two mattresses at checkout.

Julian Bowen Cookie Midsleeper

Price: £499.

The Julian Bowen Cookie Midsleeper is ideal for small bedrooms and kids aged between seven and twelve. It has a cupboard, shelves, a desk, and drawers, giving your kid storage for books, games, and everything else.

The contemporary black and white colour scheme looks the part, and the bed takes a standard single mattress. The desk sits beside the bed, giving your kid somewhere for books and a glass of water for the night.


Pictured: Julian Bowen Cookie Midsleeper, Available from Bedstar.

Star Ultimate Milo Midsleeper

Pictured: Star Ultimate Milo Midsleeper – White, Available from Bedstar.

Price: £649.

The Star Ultimate Milo Midsleeper is a contemporary sleep station for younger children. It has two large pull-out storage bins, a non-detachable desk with cube shelves, and a guard rail making it safe for children as young as seven.

We love the modern grey finish and relatively low bed height, which helps preserve vertical space without sacrificing storage. We recommend the Milo for children up to age twelve, at which point they might want a more grown-up bed.

Julian Bowen Pegasus High Sleeper

Pictured: Julian Bowen Pegasus High Sleeper – White. Available from Bedstar.

Price: £899.

The Julian Bowen Pegasus can transform a small bedroom thanks to its built-in desk, wardrobe, drawers, and shelves. It’s the ideal bed for small bedrooms because it provides a complete bedroom furniture solution.

The pull-out wardrobe is a masterstroke in design, with a storage drawer built into the bottom, while the steps also have hidden storage. The desk is built recessed into the frame, giving your kid somewhere to game and read.


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