How Can I decorate my House for the Spring?

I always feel quite inspired in the Springtime. Inspired to travel, to do more exercise, and of course, to be inspired to make small changes and decorate my house for the Spring too.

The warmth of the first sunny days seems to invite us to spend more time outdoors and rekindles the desire to take care of ourselves and our spaces.

It’s also an excellent time to do a Spring cleaning or give your get new Home décor Spring haul. That is what I am doing this season! You can check all pieces in the video below:

I am trying to bring a bit of colour and fabrics to the rooms, adding new texture to complement the furniture and give them a breath of fresh air to the house.

The good news is that you don’t need to go for a big project to have a renovated home. With some new homeware items, you can prepare different spaces for the new season!

Bathroom | Investing in Colours and textures

Winter has gone and the grey homeware should give space to the colourful pieces. Changing the colours of the walls, coverings and furniture is the most immediate way to energise the house after the dreary winter. Plus, the mild climate is ideal for allowing paints to dry quickly!

However, as my bathroom walls are already colourful, I have decided to invest in new pieces to give it a bit more texture such as a new bathmat and a couple of bath and hand towels.

Pastel tones and warm colours are best suited precisely because they are reminiscent of spring: yellow, green, blue, pink, and lilac are suitable for both the walls to be painted and the fabrics in the dining room and bedroom too.

For my bathroom, I have picked pieces in a mix of yellow mustard, white and grey. It already gave a new vibrant look to the room.

It’s the right time to put away heavy bathmats and choose others with light textures and vibrant tones. Cotton or sisal are possibilities to take into account.

Living Room | Aromatherapy and Right Lighting

The arrival of summer brings with it longer and brighter days. Therefore, it is worth considering some changes when choosing artificial lights. I always was a big fan of the use of more candles and lamps and fewer artificial lights.

For this reason, I do like to spread some lamps in different spaces of my house. In the living room, for example, I just picked an aroma touch lamp to give a bit of cosiness to my lounge.

But if you prefer, LED light strips, for example, are a valid alternative to classic lighting. Being very versatile, they can be installed on the floor (along the walls) and in the darkest corners of rooms, or under kitchen cupboards and living room shelves, giving life to fascinating chromatic games.

The perfect time to receive spring at home is also the ideal time to change the fragrance you use to flavour the space. Therefore, whether with candles or diffusers, give preference to floral and sweet options. It will make all the difference.

Even candles, even better if scented, can help make the home feel cosier and calmer. For this reason, I have also picked some citronella candles to spread around the house.

The fact is that citronella is known as a natural repellent. It also has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties and is widely used in aromatherapy to treat depression. In addition, citronella is excellent for astral cleansing and energy transmutation.

Bedroom | Lighter Bedding

Welcoming spring at home means saying goodbye to the traces of the cold. If blankets, quilts, and very warm clothes were reinforced in winter, now is the time to put them away to prevent the house from having heavy air and to give way to a warmer atmosphere. simple and minimalist.

Sometimes, it is unnecessary to move house to feel that we are in a new space. Try new furniture arrangements or change the colour of the cushions to renew the decor and enter the next season.

After the colder seasons, it’s time to put the blankets in the closet and enjoy the spring-summer nights. For this, having refreshing and comfortable bed and bath items makes sleep more cosy and even completes the bedroom decor.

In my case, I decided to change my bedlinen from something softer and lighter. Starting with a gorgeous sateen striped duvet set with pillowcases, of course.

It’s minimalist and cosy. I just love it. But if you prefer to mix styles you can mix the prints however you like.

It is worth combining the floral theme with plaid and stripes. To make everything harmonious, choose a background colour for the sheets and pillows and another for the pillows and bedspread.

The tip is always not to vary the colours too much to create a beautiful aesthetic, always following the same pattern.

Kitchen | Fun and Practical Accessories

Your taste for décor is one of the main factors for a home to be a welcoming place, and in this sense, colours play a fundamental role in adding comfort. To make the right choice, check out the colours that convey tranquillity below.

Decorative objects cover different styles and materials and can bring more charm to environments. One tip is to choose pieces that communicate in some way, either because of the theme or because they value the handicrafts of a certain region, for example. This helps create more expressive and cohesive decor.

My kitchen has neutral colours that make the space a quite pleasant room in the house. It is also the room in my home that is warmer during the day.

*I received the products complimentary from Cotton Traders for testing purposes

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