5 Screen Free Activities to Try with your Child

Children being on screens has become something of a norm now, with children as young as 3 now owning their own devices. Whilst technology is an amazing invention, as with anything, too much of it can have its downsides.

Children’s lives are now completely taken over by screens, which makes it that much more important as parents, to ensure your child gets enough opportunities to take part in other tasks too. For inspiration, here are 5 screen-free activities to try with your child, as advised by this private school in Richmond.

Arts and crafts

Encourage your child to explore their creativity through arts and crafts. To make it easily accessible, set up an area with supplies such as paper, paints, crayons, glitter, glue and safety scissors. They can create collages, paint pictures or make homemade cards. This activity is great for keeping little ones away from screens, whilst stimulating their imagination.

Outdoor activities

The outdoors should be seen as the most giant playground, providing endless opportunities for fun. Take a hike in the park, or have a picnic by your local river. Engaging with the outdoors is great for promoting physical activity, and curiosity, and building an appreciation for nature itself.


This one may seem simple, but is great for encouraging imagination, developing listening skills, and expanding vocabulary. You can visit your local library or create your own cosy reading corner at home.


This is usually a tiresome task to do alone, so why not bring your child into the kitchen to help you? They can help you weigh out ingredients and learn about different cuisines along the way.

Board games and puzzles

This is one that can be done together and is usually a lot more enjoyable completed as a family. Remember to choose games that are suitable for your child’s age.

Encouraging your child to engage in screen-free activities is great as it offers them the chance to disconnect from the virtual world and take part in activities that foster creativity, and imagination, and help build an appreciation for the world.

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