Supporting your Child During the Exam Period

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As the academic year begins its descent to the end of the journey, students are rushing around completing last-minute revisions, and preparing for their upcoming exams. No matter which exams your child may be taking, it is well known that the exam period is extremely stressful.

As a parent, it is important that you support your child through this final part of their journey, by helping them reduce stress levels, ensure their wellbeing is good and that they have effective study practices in place. Your role is to literally create the ideal environment for your child to be able to study in. Continue reading for some advice from this boarding school in London, on supporting your child during the exam period.

An effective revision plan

There is no use telling your child to do their revision and make time for studies if they don’t actually have a plan in place. Exam revision in particular has to be approached strategically, in order to retain information and get it all done in time. Ensure your child is completing a couple of hours of study every day outside of school hours.

Encourage them to do this in short bursts as long sessions of revision can easily burn them out. Regular breaks in between can help refresh their brain and maintain concentration levels.


Exam season calls for stress, which only means one thing, binge eating. Some find that it is easier to eat quick meals that usually consist of food that contains little nutrients, whereas others find that they usually reach for comfort food to help them through this difficult time.

Take some time to prepare your child with nutritious meals, that keep them energised and going for longer periods of time. Whilst there is nothing wrong with them having a takeaway at the weekend or indulging in a slice of cake, it is important that they don’t skip any meals and stay far away from energy drinks.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is try and reduce some of the burdens your child faces, especially during the exam period. Relieve them of household chores and ensure they eat and sleep well. With all of these in mind, your child will be in a place to do their very best and reach their full potential. Best of luck!

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