How to Encourage your Child to be Physically Active

In the digital age that we’re living in, screens and technology have taken over many things, including most of the leisurely activities children participate in. Activities such as unstructured outdoor play, which once kept children occupied for hours at a time, have now transformed into children sitting indoors with their eyes glued to a screen, watching tv shows or playing video games.

It has become more important than ever to try and get children off the screens and participate in physical activities. Encouraging your child to get outdoors and be physically active, not only promotes their overall health and well-being but also helps to instil lifelong habits. Below is an article that shares a few tips on how to get started with your child, as advised by this prep school in Chelmsford.

Be a great role model

It all truly begins with you. Children learn the best when they observe the actions, behaviours and words of the adults. If you want them to pick up or drop a habit, you need to do it yourself, to begin with. Set a positive example by being physically active by engaging in activities such as running, cycling, walking or playing sports as a family.

If going to the gym is your way of staying fit, be vocal about it so your child understands the reasons behind your commitment. By demonstrating your own enthusiasm, you will inspire your child to follow closely behind.

Make it fun

Exercise sounds boring, even to adults. The best way to approach any form of fitness, especially with children, is in a fun and enjoyable way. Figure out what your child’s interests are and go from there. A simple bike ride every day could be it for one child, with another joining a football club. Each child is different, with their approach to fitness being unique.

Encouraging your child to be physically active can definitely be a challenge in the era that we’re living in. However, by setting the right example and adding a hint of fun to it, you can help your child develop a positive attitude towards being physically active.

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