What To Pack When Travelling During Winter

Travelling during the ‘off season’ takes some specialist packing! You need to prepare for any weather eventualities, and if you’re planning to be active when you’re on holiday, you have to plan for any scenario. And if this is the first time you’re travelling outside of summer, you’re probably looking for a few pointers for what to throw in the suitcase. Well, here are a few you’ll want to make use of! 

Thermal Layer Items

The thermal layer is super important when you’re visiting a cold climate. If you’ve got a layer of insulating material against your skin, you’re going to find it a lot easier to dress in the clothes you like whilst you’re on holiday. And we all want to look good in those social media pictures! Of course, you’ll want to pack some thick over top items too, but if you’ve got a thermal shirt and pair of shorts in the bag, you’ll be far warmer. 


Heavy Duty Weatherproofing


If it’s going to be cold, it’s likely to be wet too. And that can make travelling on foot, no matter if you’re in the middle of a city or hiking through the woods, quite miserable. So you’ll want to have something heavy-duty in terms of weatherproofing in your suitcase as well. 

A good Dryrobe is an obvious winner here, but a windbreaker, or your usual jacket combined with a hat, long scarf, and gloves will also work. Just make sure you’re aware of your own temperature tolerance level and pack accordingly. 


Proper Walking Boots

Colder climates tend to have harder ground to walk on. Gravel and grit, ice and snow, slushy mud and slippery roads. This means you’ll want to have some proper walking boots in the suitcase, to make sure you’re as safe as can be when you’re out and about on foot. Sometimes the destinations you want to visit can be reached by car, so you’ll have to explore manually on some occasions! 

If need be, you can buy crampons for the days when you’re visiting glacial areas, if you’re in a place like Iceland or Norway. Slip these on over your boots when you feel you need the extra grip. 

Sun Protection

Yes, you can still get sunburned when it’s winter! And if you’re visiting a country that’s cold at all times, remember that the sun will still come out from behind cloud cover and give you blue skies. 

And because of that, it’s best to still have sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses in your bag at all times. Not only do you want to avoid getting burnt without realising, but you’ll also want to avoid issues like snow blindness from looking at the ground beneath you for too long. 

Travelling during winter is going to be a challenge for us summer lovers. Make sure you’re packing correctly when you’re headed off during the non-peak season. A good holiday can be enjoyed no matter the weather! 

Simone Ribeiro
Hi! I'm Simone, a citizen of Britain, where I live for over a decade, and of Brazil, where I was born. Midlands Traveller is where I combine my passion for travelling, business and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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