All You Need To Know About The Rolex Air-King Domino’s Watch

It’s not very often that enthusiasts and collectors come across a really exceptional timepiece that defies conventions and intrigues the imagination. The Rolex Air-King Domino’s is one such extraordinary creation.

We all are familiar with the various nicknames presented to the popular Rolex models, but Domino’s Rolex isn’t really a nickname. It’s a name given to a Rolex watch displaying the Domino’s logo on the dial. The watch is a remarkable fusion of two incredibly different brands, one the well-known international fast-food chain Domino’s and Rolex.

What is the reason for this unexpected pairing? Well, there’s a fascinating story behind the origin of this unique Rolex, which makes wearing this piece all the more special.


In his autobiography titled “Pizza Tiger” published in 1986, Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, unveiled the story behind Domino’s Rolex timepiece. In 1977, Monaghan started giving away his timepieces when he wore a Bulova with a Domino’s Logo on its dial. It was then that one of his franchisees asked what he could do to get one of Tom’s watches from him. Monaghan had replied, ‘If he could turn in sales of £20,000 in a single week’. The franchisee did it!

Monaghan gave away several timepieces for the next few years, including several Seikos and hundreds of Rolex Air-King Ref. 5500 watches. This Air-King was a 34mm steel piece with an Oyster bracelet, and the time-only dial had the vibrant Donino’s blue and red logo emblazoned on it. These watches were awarded to store managers who achieved the target.

Soon, Monaghan realised that this could be a fantastic motivator for the store managers, and hence, he came up with the popular ‘Domino’s Pizza Rolex Challenge’!

But as the company grew, so did the targets and thus the challenge. Today, store managers need to achieve their targets four weeks in a row to own one of these sought-after timepieces. Over the decades, Domino’s Rolex has also evolved with the change in Logo size. In 2012, the logo was simplified with a rectangular Domino’s piece and no wording. This change occurred after Domino decided to drop ‘Pizza’ from the brand logo.

It’s crucial to understand that the Rolex watches associated with Domino’s are not aftermarket items, but come straight from Rolex, furnished with the logo. Even the paperwork states ‘Domino’s Pizza’ as the purchaser.

Crediting to this unique challenge, the popularity and desirability of Domino’s Rolex pieces have increased tenfold, exceedingly elevating their value in the secondary market. Owning a Domino’s Rolex Air-King is a flex in itself, and if you were ever to sell your Rolex, the kind of admiration the watch would receive from the pre-owned market is enough to blow you away!


The first-ever variant of the Domino’s Rolex with Ref. 5500 had a simple yet bold Domino’s logo placed at the 6 o’clock position. The logo was prominent and served as the centrepiece of the watch, drawing attention to this unimaginable collaboration.

The watch featured a clean design, allowing the iconic Domino’s logo to take centre stage with a bright blue and red logo standing in contrast to the white dial.


  • Reference Timeline

The association between Rolex and Domino’s is one of the longest-running partnerships, starting in the 1970s and continuing to date. As said earlier, the first Rolex Domino’s Pizza variant was the Air-King Ref. 5500, which was taken over by Ref. 14000 when Rolex discontinued the 5500 in the late 1980s. This was followed by the Ref. 14010, which was quite identical to its predecessor but with an engine-turned bezel and not a smooth one.

In the 2000s, Rolex introduced the Air-King Ref. 14000M with an updated movement, followed by Ref. 114200 in 2007.

In 2014, Rolex discontinued the entire Air-King lineup but kept the Ref. 114200 as a part of the Oyster Perpetual catalogue. Today, you can find the Domino’s Pizza Rolex Ref. 114200 with a 34mm stainless steel case and also in the Oyster Perpetual range within Ref. 116000 models with a 36mm steel case.

Finally, Rolex released an entire collection of Oyster Perpetual in 2020. The watches came in various sizes, and there’s a Domino’s Rolex with Ref. 126000 in a 36mm steel case with a silver dial.

  • Quick Overview:


  • 1970s-1989: Rolex Domino’s Air-King Ref. 5500
  • 1989-2000: Rolex Domino’s Air-King Ref.14000 & Ref. 14010
  • 2000-2007: Rolex Domino’s Air-King Ref.14000M & Ref. 14010M
  • 2007-2020: Rolex Domino’s Air-King Ref.114200, OP Ref. 114200 & OP Ref. 116000
  • 2020-To Present: Rolex Domino’s Oyster Perpetual Ref.126000


  • Few Oyster Perpetual Ladies Reference Domino’s Rolex watches:
  • Oyster Perpetual Ref. 67194
  • Oyster Perpetual Ref. 67180
  • Oyster Perpetual Ref. 176200
  • Oyster Perpetual Ref. 76080


  • Domino’s branding on the dial over the years

The earlier models had the Domino’s logo on the dial. Some of the logo combinations included:

  • Red, Blue & White Colour Logos
  • Black & White Logos
  • Large, Small, Straight & Tilted Logos


  • Domino’s branding on the bracelet

In the mid-2000s, the Domino’s logo moved from the dial to the bracelet. The logo, made from stainless steel, was attached to the first link of the Oyster steel bracelet for a discreet look. Later, the logo was moved to the second link. Other options include:

  • There were Rolex watches with a full square Domino’s logo on the bracelet.
  • Some models came with a more simplified logo where only a slice of pizza was seen on the dial without the brand name.
  • Some rare transitional pieces from 2003 & 2004 have the Domino’s logo both on the bracelet and the dial.
  • Domino’s branding on the caseback

The Domino’s Rolex pieces have engravings on the caseback, varying depending on the year. Some of the combinations include:

  • Full Logo Engraved
  • Simplified Logo Engraved
  • Initials of the Awardee Engraved
  • Date & Sales Target (for example £20,000) Engraved



The latest 2020 Rolex Domino’s Oyster Perpetual Ref. 126000 is a stylish-looking timepiece featuring a 36mm Oystersteel case with a smooth and polished steel bezel. This particular timepiece is presented to the Domino’s Pizza award winners and features an engraved Domino’s case back and a steel Domino’s motif bracelet. The logo is engraved to the third link of the steel bracelet at the 6 o’clock side. The sunburst grey dial has yellow gold baton hour indicators and matching yellow gold hands and is fitted with a sapphire crystal.


Due to its intriguing design and fascinating origin, the Rolex Domino’s timepiece, now available in the Oyster Perpetual range, is a sought-after piece among collectors and Rolex aficionados. The Ref. Domino’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual 126000 sells for higher prices on the secondary market, thanks to elevating consumer demand and limited availability. The unusual branding of the timepiece fetches a high premium when you sell your Rolex.


A little extra ‘something’ on the dial always works for the Rolex collectors. This is why having a slice of pizza on its face adds value and attracts the interest of the watch connoisseurs. Even though the design and size of the watch have changed over time, the aesthetics still remain true to the essence of the Domino’s brand.

Moreover, it’s important to remember that the watches have a story of dedication and triumph, symbolising hard work and achievement. So, the wearer is a gainer already!

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