Here’s why Perforated Roller Shutters are perfect for business security

Discussions about business security in the modern day and age mostly centre around digital security solutions. While these modern issues are undoubtedly important, more conventional concerns haven’t gone anywhere. Luckily, there are a number of new security solutions for old problems, one of which is the use of specialised perforated roller shutters. Here’s why they might be perfect for your business’s security needs.

They provide a strong physical barrier

The first and perhaps most important argument in favour of perforated roller shutters from providers such as LBS Group is that they provide a strong physical barrier against forced entry. 

The perforations don’t mean that these kinds of barriers are much weaker than solid shutters; they’re typically made from steel, and the remaining material will be enough to stop most attempted break-ins.

A powerful visual deterrence

Another reason why so many businesses are choosing to use perforated roller shutters is that they provide a strong visual deterrence against would-be intruders. After all, the most effective form of security is the one that stops people from even trying. 

Most criminals, whether novice or experienced, will see these kinds of shutters and decide that it’s not worth the effort. Even if they did manage to eventually break their way through, it would take so long that the police would have more than enough time to attend to the alarm.


Perforated roller shutters are a great solution for businesses that still want to allow a good amount of ventilation. Air and light can still get into the space, which can be particularly useful for businesses that could benefit from natural light and fresh air. It will also help to ensure that the space inside doesn’t get too hot during the summer months.


Roller shutters are often chosen as a security solution by businesses that need a fairly personalised solution to their security needs. Specialist providers can make them so that they fit a wide variety of different entrances and windows, meaning that you don’t have to settle for a stock option that doesn’t quite fit. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that are located in slightly unusual buildings, or where it’s important that the security system fits perfectly.

They look good

Finally, perforated roller shutters don’t have to be an eyesore – they can look pretty good in fact. When they fit properly, you can then hire an artist to either come up with their own design to put on the shutters, or to put your business name or logo onto them. This can be especially important for customer-facing locations, where you don’t want to have to compromise on either aesthetic appeal or security.

Perforated roller shutters are by no means the only security solution for businesses, but they do work in a surprisingly wide range of different scenarios. If you’re looking to up your security measures, either because you’re in an area with high crime rates or you want to get your business insurance premiums down, then they’re definitely worth looking into a little further.

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