Exploring the Doodling World of Imagination with HeyDoodle

If you are into colouring books, you may probably love doodling. Back to the lockdown days in 2020, I used to do a lot of colouring, and doodling. They were my favourite activity to escape the boredom of being stuck at home. It helped me immensely in the inevitable peaks of anxiety that we all suffered during those uncertain times.

Doodling works as a form of relaxation and stress relief. For this reason, engaging in this simple creative activity can help lower cortisol levels and promote a sense of calm.

For those who are not familiar with doodling, it is simply the act of drawing or sketching aimlessly and can have several benefits, both for individuals and in various professional and creative contexts. It is an excellent way of exploring the imagination of adults and young people.

I just love it. And I can point out several more benefits of doodling. This month I was invited to review a HeyDoodle reusable sustainable doodle mat, I am here to talk about its educational purposes too.

What is HeyDoodle? 

HeyDoodle is a revolutionary brand that has been captivating young minds worldwide with its range of sustainable products dedicated to the fascinating world of doodling.

The eco-friendly and educational products are designed to spark creativity and engagement among children aged 2 to 7.

This year, they launched the HeyDoodle wipe-clean silicone mats, offering a limitless and reusable platform for doodling and learning. It is what I received a couple of weeks ago and it will make a great present for my friend’s son who is only 2 years – the age when kids start to be curious about everything.

Why choose a wipe-clean silicone doodling mat?

Kids love spending hours colouring. It’s fun and educative. But when they can do it on an erasable mat, it becomes easier for them to spread their energy and artistic abilities.

However, it means children will use thousands of pieces of paper (sometimes using walls, furniture, and every part of the house).

A mini doodle mat is easy to carry in a handbag, and you can keep youngers entertained during doctor’s appointments, waiting rooms, restaurants, cafes, long flights, etc.

Also, opting for an environmentally friendly doodle mat is a great help for the planet. Children will have endless fun with a mat that is ready to be used after a simple wipe with a damp cloth. Children can create endless art and boost their creativity in a quite smart way.


What are the benefits of doodling for children?


Boosting Creativity

Doodling is a form of that art allows them to experiment with shapes, colours, and patterns, helping them tap into their imagination and come up with unique ideas.

But isn’t just about playing. It’s an activity that can have a profound and positive impact on a child’s development. Making them free to express themselves without limits.

Doodling is an open-ended activity that encourages kids to think outside the box. It stimulates their imagination and encourages them to invent new characters, stories, and worlds through their drawings.

Enhances Fine Motor Skills

Motor skills training is quite an important activity during children’s development on so many levels. The act of holding a pencil, and controlling movements while doodling can be as important as learning to write or tying shoelaces.

Colouring inside the lines or doodling shapes and patterns requires kids to use their eyes to guide their hand movements. This improves hand-eye coordination, which is important for writing and using tools.

For this reason, doodling serves as a fun and effective way to refine these abilities.

Boosts Concentration

Kids are hectic by nature. They have a lot of energy to waste. But sometimes, they need to focus and concentrate. That’s when doodling becomes helpful.

It can improve a child’s focus and concentration. While it might seem counterintuitive, many studies have shown that doodling can help children pay better attention in class or during other activities. It provides a constructive outlet for restless energy, allowing them to stay engaged.

It will help parents to have some time to do other important activities while their kids are busy doodling.

Introducing doodling into a child’s daily routine can be a valuable and enjoyable experience. It not only supports their development but also provides a fun and expressive way for them to explore their creativity.

*I received the products complimentary from HeyDoodle for testing purposes

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