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Magnetic games are original and creative. It’s appealing for its educational purpose, and it’s a fun way of gathering family and friends together. They grabbed my attention. And I think they will grab yours too!

Playing with magnetic games can be relaxing and soothing. The tactile sensation of manipulating magnets can help reduce stress and anxiety for some individuals.

However, I do confess that I have never played a magnetic game in life before until now.

This month, I have this educational magnetic game to review: Connetix -Rainbow Creative Tiles Pack.  It was developed not only to stimulate our creativity but also to boost our curiosity.

But What is a magnetic game?

Magnetic games can be defined as various games or activities that involve the use of magnets. They can be educational or recreational and may include things like magnetic building sets, magnetic puzzles, tiles, and even science experiments that explore the properties of magnets.

Playing magnetic games, which often involve magnets in various activities and puzzles, can offer several benefits. From educational value to STEM learning, there are plenty of advantages to playing magnetic games.  So, let’s talk about what benefits they can bring to our lives.

Connetix  Tiles Pastel Creative Pack

Connetix is a 120-piece magnetic tile that is a perfect game to spark STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and, Mathematics) learning in children. It comes in pastel colours that are quite inspiring and aesthetically pleasing.

These magnetic tiles are a highly educational game, helping children and adults learn about the properties of magnets, magnetic fields, and the science behind them.

They can promote curiosity and a better understanding of physics with kids assembling towering castles, futuristic rockets, majestic towers, sturdy bridges, etc. I love it.

It’s a great way of getting children involved in problem-solving. When they figure out how to arrange magnets or solve magnetic-based challenges, they can enhance critical thinking and logical reasoning.

a child playing with colourful squares

When we play with magnetic building sets, like magnetic tiles or blocks, they encourage creativity and imaginative play. They allow individuals to construct various structures, designs, and patterns, promoting creativity and spatial awareness.

a cat sitting on a chair looking out a window

Not to mention that playing with small magnetic pieces can improve fine motor skills, especially in children. Manipulating magnets and assembling them into specific shapes or designs can enhance dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

I do like the endless possibilities that Connetix offers in design and xx. It allows a boost in creativity that can inspire children and adults too!

I loved testing this game and I probably would recommend it to all parents looking for a game with therapeutic purposes that can help with specific issues, such as improving hand strength or coordination.

Why should you have a magnetic game?

I could point out many other reasons for having these two games. Magnetic games offer a wide range of benefits, from educational and cognitive development to stress relief and entertainment.

They are versatile tools that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and have the potential to enhance various skills and knowledge areas.

*I received the product complimentary for testing purposes

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