How to Plan a UK Winter Road Trip

Travelling in the UK during winter can sometimes present a little bit of a challenge. For short journeys, these problems are manageable; for longer ones, a little bit of preparation and planning becomes worthwhile.

If you’re planning a long road trip this winter, then there are a few specific steps you might take to get your vehicle into shape before you go.

Prepping your Vehicle

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The surface of the road can be severely impacted by the cold weather. Snow and ice can creep into the cracks, which will lower your vehicle’s traction and increase your stopping distance.

Shopping for specialised winter tyres might be advisable, particularly if you’re travelling through a remote part of the country where the roads aren’t going to be in good condition. At the very least, you should check the tyre tread depth and ensure that you are well above the legal minimum.

It’s also important to prepare for disaster. If you become stranded at the roadside, you’ll want to know that you can remain comfortable until help arrives. This means packing a safety kit, which should include a first-aid kit, blankets and a handful of essential tools that will help you deal with minor problems.

Naturally, you’ll need to be insured if you’re going to be legally driving on British roads. Getting an accurate car insurance quote is essential. Make sure the product you ultimately invest in is suited to the conditions in which you’re going to be driving.

Benefits of winter road trips

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So, why might we take a winter road trip in the first place? Aren’t trips of this sort better suited to summer, when roads are clearer?

Well, the thing to remember here is that everyone else has made this assumption. This means that you’ll find the roads clearer during winter, and the demand for accommodation lower. In short, winter trips are cheaper, and the pace is a little bit more leisurely.

Stops to consider

Where should we be planning our winter road trips? A few locations stand out.


The Yorkshire countryside is stunning at this time of year, while the city itself has a huge amount to offer, especially during the build-up to Christmas. You’ll be able to discover the city’s Viking heritage, go on a ghost tour, and enjoy some carol singing at the Cathedral.


a road with water in the background

This route will take you around the Northern tip of Scotland. It covers around 500 miles, starting and ending in Inverness. You can even hire a car from the airport if you’d like to fly there. There’s no shortage of spectacular scenery and authentic little places to eat and drink. You might even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Lands’ End

At the other end of the country, we find Land’s End, which sits at the very tip of Cornwall. During winter, all of the villages around the Cornish coast are lit up with Christmas lights, which gives the whole place a magical vibe.

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