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Would like to partner on a project to promote your brand or your business on Midlands Traveller? I’m open to collaborations and suggestions.

Midlands Traveller is PR Friendly, UK blog about business opportunities, the travel industry, lifestyle and well being.

I’m always looking for quirky businesses to introduce them to products/services to my audience. And I’d be over the moon if your brand is an Eco-friendly and plastic-free business.

I’m blogging on this space since 2014 when the page started with the name of Midlands Trade. The blog achieved 1.5k pages views monthly in only four years since it was founded.

This year, I have changed the domain to to attract more awareness to the responsible travelling industry market. But I’m still focusing on local and small businesses, lifestyle and wellness too.

I don’t have kids, but working as an English tutor for over 10 years made me understand more and more about children’s needs. I’m more than happy to work with companies that provide educational material. Besides, I have a beloved cat named Dougal that behaves like a kid as well.


The majority of my readers are interested in travel destinations, eating out, responsible tourism, tech gadgets and products/services that would make a difference in their busy lives.

The content of this website has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing information about the business, product or service here presented.

Sponsored Posts

I can write guest posts and publish interviews (check Meet The Business page) to bring awareness to your brand. I usually write unique posts and I’m always happy to discuss the type of content before publishing it. All my posts are shared on social media as well.


If you’re looking for a blog about business, this is the right place for you. I enjoy writing reviews and give my honest opinion about products and services on my blog.

Most of the products that I review are related to natural beauty care, subscription services, travel gear and other quirky services. I’m also open to reviewing hotels and accommodations all over the UK and Europe.

Advertising space

I also open to advertising your business on my blog in either the sidebar or in the top and bottom banner form. This is the best way to create awareness for your brand, products and services. I can create your advert for a small fee.

Giveaways & Competitions

Midlands Travellers is open to run all kinds of competitions and giveaways. It’s an excellent opportunity of bringing awareness to your brand’s products and services.

Please, get in touch if you are interested in any the above. I can also send details on my blog page views, statistics, social media following, or to discuss your ideas about working together. Please email me on or

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Who am I?

euI’m a journalist with both, Brazilian and British, citizenship with over 10 years of experience in teaching as well.

I currently live in Birmingham, UK, since 2011 and I’m also a vegetarian with a total passion for plant-based food.

Keep in touch! 

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