The Coffin Works


The Birmingham Conservation Trust has done a fantastic work in the restoration of listed and historic buildings all over the country like Back to Backs, for example.

One of those important places is an iconic (and also intriguing) centenary construction placed in Jewellery Quarter: Newman Bros Coffin Fitting Works.

For nearly a century, Newman Brothers produced high quality coffin fittings that were sent out across the world. Birmingham was the centre of this kind of business and the company had employed over 100 people there.


The Museum of Jewellery Quarter


The Jewellery Quarter has a historical importance; from helping the development of the manufacturing industry and for being considered the largest jewellery trade area in Europe.

Luckily, hundreds years of history are still preserved in many storey terrace buildings in the area – from family businesses to listed building and museums. Every corner of this popular part of the city has a gem trail to be explored.

One of them is the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. Read more.



Aston Hall: the treasure of Midlands


I have spotted Aston Hall some years ago during my first visit to Birmingham when I was crossing the Aston Park to reach Aston Villa’s ground. I can’t describe how impressive this stunning mansion’s garden was and I never would think this location would hold such an exuberant and spooky building.

So I have decided to visit this historical Hall properly some years ago. What a fascinating experience! Right after the entrance, you’re taken to a nice café which I would suggest you should stop by, just to get some extra energy before starting the tour. Read more.



The Electric Cinema in Birmingham

the electric_capa

Beers, cakes and a big screen – Watching films in old cinema is always a unique experience for so many reasons. From the lack of space between aisles to the fairly comfortable seats, all these tiny details entice film enthusiasts to come back for more. Yes, there is something about these retro venues that will never put us off.

And what if this theatre is also known as the oldest one in activity in the UK? Read more.


The Old Yardley Village



Despite the noise coming from a new 3 bedroom-house development being constructed in the area, it was pretty nostalgic visiting the Old Yardley Village for the first time. In fact, it’s not difficult to imagine how that area used to be some centuries ago when the place was first listed in the famous Domesday BookThe medieval St. Edburgha’s Church, dates back to 12th century, and the Old Grammar School – a very well preserved manor house- keeps alive the memories of a period when Yardley was an important rural site and a prominent area of east Birmingham. Read more.


Back To Backs


A tour back to the story of working-class: Imagine backing on time – more precisely from Victorian era to the beginning of Industrial years – and understanding a bit more about how life used to treat working-class people in England. It wasn’t an easy life but it was certainly an interesting part of European history.Back to Back Terrance were houses where most of the English working -classes used to live for a long period here. Read more.


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