Riwbox WB5 Bluetooth Headphones| Lightweight, comfy and stylish

That’s not my first Riwbow purchase, so, I knew what expect of this new pair of Bluetooth headphones and I could compare it with my previous model as well.  This time, I have in hands a Riwbox Bluetooth model WB5 – which is equipped with an EQ voice equaliser. That was something that can be […]

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Palmistry HD | your fortune revealed in a simple click

I am not the one to check the daily horoscope in the newspaper. Or either look for predictions for future anywhere else. So, I do confess to being a bit sceptical when I downloaded PalmistryHD. This fortune-telling app provides a complete analysis of the palm of the hand revealing information about your future with a […]

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Tech start-up Soda at Selfridges | Birmingham

Are you ready to check some innovative technology products that are both fun and useful? Soda has opened a refreshing tech pop-up in Selfridges Birmingham, to showcase some of the coolest new gadgets around.  Soda, which stands for School of the Digital Age, is a tech start-up that offers innovative tech gadgets with prices starting […]

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