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Train journey from Curitiba to Morretes, Brazil


A railway with 125 years of history linking the coast of Curitiba in Paraná (state) to the Serra do Mar. That is one of the most interesting train journeys I ever had. The trip that connects Curitiba to the beautiful city of Morretes is also one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Paraná annually.

It’s actually the second most popular tourist destination in that state. The famous visit to Iguaçu Falls  is in first place, of course. Read more.



Hay-on-Wye: The Town of Books


A destination for literature lovers

Imagine a place where it’s possible to find a fine bookshop in every corner. Now imagine this is also a picturesque and inspiring town to visit. This is exactly what you can find in Hay-on-Wye, a tiny market village located in the Welsh/English border, in the county of Powys, Mid Wales.

Also known as “the town of books”, Hay-on-Wye is obviously a popular destination for book lovers from all over the world. Some familiar faces like Bill Clinton have already been to the place to check the Hay Festival, a famous literary event held in the town annually. Read More.


Bristol: a city made of art


A guide to the alternative Bristol If I had to make a “Top Favourite English cities”, Bristol would be mentioned twice. No joking.

There are plenty of reasons to visit it, but the main one is definitely its natural inclination towards culture and arts. It’s spread through all over the city. And the fact it’s the hometown of Banksy, makes easy to imagine why street art as a big deal there.
Located in southwest of England, Bristol has practically everything that could attract visitors: an important port, a famous cathedral, a centenary zoo, a breath-taking bridge, besides bars and restaurants in a beautiful harbor to suit all tastes. Read more.



The School of Life: an address to thinkers


The first time I heard of The School of Life was when I was following one of my favourite writers,  Alain de Botton, on social media. Then, I found out their website and to my surprise, there was a physical address too, in central London. Wow!

But don’t think it’s just another little corner bookshop in London town. Behind this entrance there are some great ideas indeed. And the concept of a “school” in this business is nothing but traditional. Read more.


Dorset hotspots: Cerne Abbas 

cerne abbas 2

Visiting some small towns in England can uncover major surprises. In the case of Cerne Abbas, in Dorset, the surprise may be much bigger than expected. More precisely with nearly 60 meters wide. The Cerne Abbas giant is – with no doubt – a major attraction in this picturesque village with only 800 inhabitants.

Cerne Abbas was founded around the Benedictine abbey, a built dated back from 987 AD. During the reign of Henry VIII, the construction was almost completely destroyed. Nowadays, its porch is the only thing that remains from the old abbey. Read more

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