Top 5 Things to do Around Seattle

Top 5 Things to do Around Seattle

Seattle is a vibrant city that has something to offer everyone. It is a hotspot for vacationers because of the wide variety of activities and sight-seeing that you can do. You can visit for a week or more and still not be able to pack in everything the city has to offer.

The city has emerged as a foodie destination in the last few years as many famous chefs are beginning to lay roots there. If you visit Seattle and can see yourself calling it home, check out some of these Seattle houses for sale and take the leap today. Here are five must-do things in Seattle.

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Visit the Space Needle

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Seattle is the Space Needle. Built-in 1962 for the World’s Fair, it has been an icon of the North West for over 50 years.

Millions of people have visited the Space Needle and enjoyed the breath-taking views of the mountains and the Olympic Peninsula. Have dinner at the Sky Restaurant at the top of the needle and enjoy the views even longer.

Needle and Thread Bar

One of the most fun bars you can visit while in Seattle is the Needle and Thread Bar. Inspired by a Speakeasy, this is a must-see place. You have to make reservations even to get in, and the entrance is hidden behind an old bank vault door.

When you arrive, you will notice the bar doesn’t have a menu. All the cocktails are made to each guest’s preferences. You just let the bartender know what you are in the mood for, and they will create you something wonderful.

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Seattle Ferris Wheel

One of the best ways to enjoy the night views of Puget Sound is by taking a ride on the gigantic Ferris wheel. It stands an impressive 175 feet, and each gondola is enclosed so you will be protected from the Seattle rain and wind. Even cooler, each gondola holds eight people so you can bring your friends and family along for the ride.

Woodland Park Zoo

Often voted one of the best zoos in the country, Woodland Park Zoo has super large enclosures that make it perfect for the animals to roam around. Each exhibit has been thoughtfully decorated to as closely mimic the animals’ natural habitat as possible.

There are tons of interactive exhibits for children to learn about the different animals that call this zoo home. Make sure you eat lunch at one of their tasty restaurants and make a day of it.


Pacific Science Centre

Another attraction that was built for the 1962 World’s Fair is the Pacific Science Center. The science centre features tons of interactive exhibits that are perfect for children of all ages and even adults.

Take in a science learning show in their IMAX theatre and make sure to visit their planetarium. They can’t miss attractions are the laser show and the butterfly house, which are definitely the most popular things to see.

Featured Image | Photo by oakie on Unsplash

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