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It can sound a bit bonkers, but I was kinda counting the days to start wearing sock again. I know, sad. The truth is that we have more to say about the colder days than about the summer itself if you know what I mean.

And I have learnt how to “appreciate” socks much more since I moved to the UK nearly 10 years ago.

Then I came across to the Sock Shop that kindly sent me some gorgeous pairs of bamboo socks last month. My first thought was: Wow, bamboo socks: I am in! Then, I just checked their website and boom: Is it the largest socks collection in the world? If so, I’m in heaven. 

3 pairs of sockshop.jpg

So, let’s be honest. The hype about socks is true. We are crazy about them! It’s a small pleasure. But we need them to be comfy.

Before start my review, let’s check a bit more about Sock Shop:

  • More than 70 brands in our huge online store
  • Round-the-clock service from our historic Bolton mill
  • We delivery to over 240 countries worldwide

They are in the market since 1983 and claim to live and breath socks 24/7 with a world-leading range includes garments from more than 70 brands to cover all tastes and trends – patterned or plain, compression or cosy. Besides, there are other accessories such as scarves, underwear, etc.

aston villa socks.jpg

Meaning: whether you like socks or not, it’s a nice place to start looking for a right pair for you.

What is the hype about bamboo socks?

So, here we go. My excitement about any product made of bamboo is a statement. I don’t need to remind anyone of how beneficial they’re for the environment itself, don’t I? Oh well, I can talk about it again here.

pride socks open.jpg

Bamboo, as a natural material is 100% sustainable. Its fibres guarantees a better moisture absorption and ventilation among other types of fabric.

These socks are made from the latest fibres of viscose made from bamboo. So, imagine a pair of bamboo socks keep you feet clean and fresh.

The bamboo socks are also known for their natural anti-bacterial functions and they are an excellent choice for those with sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

It’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so feet are fresher for longer, and not threatened by fungal growth. Bamboo has superb thermal management properties and three times the absorbency of cotton too, so the foot environment is optimised for skin health.

So, voila. Let’s try it!

What pairs of socks did we try?

I had some different pairs of socks from Socks Shop to try out last month. Here they are:

pride socks.jpg

1- Bamboo 1 Pair Pride Rainbow Love is Love Sock Pride

Love is love! And this pair of socks is pure love! This pair got my heart not only because they’re gorgeous, of course. With the same features of the the ones before, these socks are a winner in style.

They are also moisture managing and temperature regulating for all-day freshness and comfort.

pride 3.jpg

What I love most about this pair of socks is the fact that SockShop supports the The LGBT Foundation – one the UK’s leading LGBT charities, providing a wide range of support services to around 40,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people every year.

Good socks for an excellent cause! My favourite adding, for sure!

claret and blue socks.jpg

2- Ladies 3 Pair Gentle Bamboo Socks with Smooth Toa Seams in Plain and Stripes Nightshade

I have to confess that was one of my favourite combos. These socks are lovely and there is a bit of football reference on it. I’m afraid. After all, they are on the colours of Aston Villa FC, aren’t they?

Yes, I wanted the Claret and Blue bamboo socks as soon as I checked them online. But the truth is they’re absolutely gorgeous.

aston villa 2.jpg


  • Smooth toe seams
  • Comfort cuffs
  • Naturally antibacterial, kind to every skin type, moisture handling, heat regulating; Machine washable at 40°

socks in plain colours.jpg

3- Ladies 3 Pair Gentle Bamboo Socks in Plain and Stripes Blues

These 3 pairs has the features of the ones mentioned above. The difference comes in the plain colours. As they are produced using a bamboo rich blend to make a fine 200-needle yarn that is non-irritating and very soft, with a silky feel. They’re the kind of socks that I like to sleep with.

plain socks.jpg


  • Smooth toe seams
  • Comfort cuffs
  • Naturally antibacterial, kind to every skin type, moisture handling, heat regulating; Machine washable at 40°

men socks.jpg

4 -Mens 3 Pair Gentle Grip Pattern Bamboo Socks

That as was a plus that was sent to my husband. As he works in a cold environment, even in the Summer he has to wear socks. I love the honeycomb top that is carefully moulded to the natural contours of the leg and stay in place.

There are 3 pairs with polka dots, triangles or dashes pattern. It’s stylish and the honeycomb tops certainly give a bit of sophistication to the conventional ( and usually boring) men’s socks. As you can imagine, non-skin-irritating bamboo socks are perfect to keep odour free.

men socks 2.jpg

Hubby approves his new bamboo socks and walking long hours at work was a perfect way to find out if these socks are comfortable.


  • Hand linked toes for smooth seams
  • Gentle Grip Honeycomb Tops
  • Strengthened heel and toe; antibacterial and skin-friendly bamboo fibre

How is my experience so far?

Like I have said, I just started to try on them few weeks ago. Exactly in the end(ish) of summer in the UK. In my opinion, this month has been a better match for wearing socks. I’m impressed with how bamboo can be a gentle material as well.

I like the way they sit on my leg. They are extremely comfortable and the hand linked toe socks keep your toes seamed together with a single thread – so you feel no works for me.

aston villa ones 3

Of course, I am curious to see how resistant they are after the first wash. I believe bright colours socks always fade after the first wash. But so far, so good. Love my new socks and I am ready to face the colder temperatures with some style and comfort.

*I received these product complimentary from SockShop for testing purposes. 

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