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Home or Away _ My 5 favourite winter holiday destinations in the UK

Last year, I have spent my winter holidays in Miramar, a gorgeous seaside town in the outskirts of Porto, Portugal. I am not going to lie; it was a pleasant January with temperatures up to 17 degrees. That was probably the warmest winter I had, since I moved from Brazil to the UK nearly 10 years ago.

It was invigorating to start the year by the sea. Plus, it was my first-time visiting Portugal as well. We spent three hectic days sightseeing in Porto, but stayed most of our holiday in Miramar. To be honest, it was a nice surprise to find a relaxing and quiet beach resort only three-hour flight from the UK.

No queues in restaurants, no busy roads. But I can imagine a quite different scenario visiting Miramar in the Summer, of course.

Despite enjoying my last January abroad, I have spent most of my winter holidays here in the UK (at home or miles from here) and I quite love it!

So, it’s time to wrap yourself up and check some memorable winter staycations in the country from South to North.


It’s no secret that Cornwall is my favourite place in the UK. I have been to several villages, towns and cities in the area and I can’t get enough.


People may think that Cornwall is only a perfect spot to visit in the Summer, but I can guarantee that there is nothing more exciting than exploring its many cosy walks in the colder days too.

You can spend the day exploring Cornish cliffs, secluded beaches and its amazing footpaths. Then, cosy up in one of many top-notch restaurants and pubs in the area.


But where to go? I heard that Looe, the Eden Project and the beautiful fishermen village of Mousehole have quite a popular Festival of Lights during the winter. It’s enough reason to visit it, I guess.



I remember taking my parents to visit the city for the first time during a Christmas period some years ago.

They never forgot the experience of walking by the Thames, seeing the Big Ben and the London Eye at night, and being quite impressed by the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland buzz. They enjoyed the whole experience even when the temperatures were nearly below 0.


There is something rather special about London in the winter when the days are shorter, and thousands of tourists seem to be still fascinated by the capital.

And if you’re not keen on outdoor activities, remember there is always incredible museums and festivals and more other infinite possibilities to have fun indoors. London is a must-do in the winter.

 Yorkshire Dales

Winter in Yorkshire can be quite harsh, and the weather changes all the time.  However, it’s quite impossible not to think to visit its gorgeous part of the UK in the colder months of the year.

yorkshire dales

There are so much to be explored in the Dales that we could spend the whole day trying to plan a perfect wintertime trip there.

yorkshire dales 2

From stunning waterfalls to the wilderness of Yorkshire Dales National Park and its moors – Yorkshire is a dream destination for visitors looking for long walks, hidden villages and stunning landscapes and castles.

One of my favourite spots in the Dales is certainly the Ribblehead Viaduct in the border with Cumbria. You can’t skip it. It’s huge and grandiose. Just like the Victorians would like us to describe it. What a masterpiece!


Are you keen on hiking? Do you love quietness? If the answer is yes to both questions, here is where you should track to this winter.

keileder forest

Choose a comfy bothy or cottage to stay in and have the benefits of being the middle of nowhere to explore its many spacious and fresh surroundings.


It may be cold enough to make you wrap up in 5 layers, but you will love its trails, tracks and breath-taking views of its valleys and the stargazing experience at the Northumberland National Park. Don’t forget to take a peek at the Hadrian’s Wall path if the weather permits.

hadrians wall

I loved to explore the Kielder Forest and I do confess it would be perfect to camp there some nights in the winter. Why not? It can be quite packed in the Christmas time with festivals and the Winter Wonderland though.


I would recommend visiting Scotland at any time of the year. But I do confess that a road trip to Scotland highlands in the winter would be a fantastic way of exploring this amazing country.


I have been to Scotland several times in my life, and if Scottish people claim that there is no such thing as bad weather, we should all embrace it and explore Scottish in the colder temperature too.

One of my best memories from Scotland were visiting Mallaig by train. The idea is checking the stunning landscapes and views from our 1 hour 20-Jacobite-Steam-train journey from Fort William to Mallaig.


Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Don’t miss the scenic Glenfinnan Viaduct! Then, have some fish & chips by the sea in this beautiful Mallaig harbour.

Conclusion: Spending the wintertime in the UK can be more fun! There is so much to be explored and seen in this tiny stunning Island that would imagine. Just pick your favourite destination, wrap yourself up in some extra layers of warm clothes and go!

*This is a collaborative post.

My 5 favourite winter holiday destinations in the UK


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  1. Yay you have listed my home – Cornwall. I’ve lived here all my life and still haven’t been everywhere! There is so much to see!

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