The Ultimate Road Trip through Northern Cyprus

I have been looking at new destinations to visit when things get back on track for good, and I was quite surprised to know more about this little gorgeous country located in the north-eastern Mediterranean.

The truth is that Cyprus is packed with cultural attractions, historic sites, and natural beauties. And if you love the idea of hitting the road and checking what this amazing destination has to offer– Cyprus is a perfect location for a road trip.

Remember to check the safety protocol to visit Cyprus during the COVID-19 outbreak. And have a look at the travel checklist below:

I would love to visit both – the north and south side of this country, but you may need to have extra time to spend there.

So, why not start with the north part of the island. Starting in Nicosia and ending in the north of the country in Karpass.


We can start this road trip to the capital. The largest city on the whole island has an international airport, and it has a lot of cultural sites and beautiful landmarks to be visited.

Ledra Street is the main shopping area in Nicosia and it’s also where you will check the famous border crossing that divides the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot part of the country. This is an excellent chance to try traditional Turkish coffee.

It’s worth to visit both sides of one of the last divided capitals in the world. Take a traditional food tour if it’s possible to have a gist of how vast it is local culinary.

Nicosia is also famous for its temples and museums, and there are so many must-see places and history to take that it’s better to reserve more than just one day in the city.  Don’t miss the Byzantine Museum, the Folk-Art Museum, and of course, Saint Sophia Cathedral.

Tip: What about starting with a search for a perfect place to stay when visiting Cyprus? There are outstanding villas in some of the most popular and top locations on this gorgeous island. Just waiting for you and your family to make the most of your holiday – any time of the year.


Our next stop is in the district of Famagusta which is known for its historic sites such as the Venetian walls and Othello’s Tower. Famagusta is also famous for its “ghost town” that if I am not wrong, it’s not a place that can be visited at this moment.

However, if you like to enjoy a bubbling seaside, you may enjoy Palm beach. There is a kind of different vibe to being at a beach that is so popular, and at the same time, it’s surrounded by empty buildings that can`t be visited.

Another stunning site to visit is the Kantara Castle – a stunning construction that is believed to be erected during Byzantine times.


If you have more time to spare, another ideal stop would be Yialousa – a beach town in the peninsula of Karpas with nice secluded resorts.

It is important to remember that you can stop in the town in between to try local markets and enjoy the views of the coast and mountains around.


Here is our last stop – Dipkarpaz is known for its stunning natural beauty and of course, the Cape Apostolos Andreas. The secluded golden beaches and their historical sites attract tourists from all over the world.

If you’re looking for more adventure, this is also the gateway to the stunning Diskarpaz National park.

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