7 things to do in Gardens by the Bay

When you are planning a trip to Singapore, visiting the gardens by the bay must be on your itinerary. The Gardens by the Bay is Asia’s largest nature park that is located in Central Singapore. The gardens by the bay are spread out over 250 hectares and are divided into three parts, each waterfront, Bay Central Garden, Bay Eastern Garden, and Bay South Garden.

Gardens by the bay will take most of your day to see almost all of its attractions, but that day will be one of the best days in your life.

Gardens by the Bay has a lot of attractions that will ensure that you have a great time. You can check the gardens by the bay tickets because most of the attractions have free entry. Each spot is created thoughtfully and you will find yourself losing yourself in the laps of nature.

You can visit the beautiful and colourful flower dome that will take your breath away. Or you could have a small picnic at the SuperTree grove or even visit the SuperTree restaurant where you can take in the view of the Singapore Skyline.

7 things to do in Gardens by the Bay

SuperTree Grove

Photo by 岽岽 潘

SuperTree is one of the most famous attractions in the gardens by the way. There are 18 SuperTrees at the gardens by the Bay out of which 12 are located at the SuperTree Grove. The trees are built at a height of 15 to 50 meters.

The trees are designed thoughtfully to give shade during the day. You can walk around the SuperTree Grove taking in the lush greenery and feel relaxed. You can also have a little picnic under the trees. At night the trees come alive when they are lit by colorful lights. You can also watch the Gardens of Rapsody which is the light and sound show of the Gardens by the Bay. Entry to the SuperTree Grove is free so you can enjoy every bit of your day.

OCBC Skyway

Located within the SuperTree Grove, lies one of the most important attractions, the OCBC Skyway. It is a hanging aerial walkway that is connected from one SuperTree to another. The distance of the walkway is 128 meters and it is at a height of 22 meters from the ground. People are often heard saying that it feels like floating in the air at the OCBC Skyway.

The best time to visit the OCBC Skyway is during dusk because you can watch the Marina Bay waterfront with the backdrop of the Singapore Skyline coming alive, the reflections of the city lights twinkling in the water while the sky changes its colour. In the evening you can stay and watch the Garden Rhapsody, the Gardens by the Bay light and music show. The performers can be seen performing along the Skyway.

Flower Dome


Nature is the best beauty and Singapore understands it well. The flower dome in the gardens does not fail to do justice to the beauty of nature. It is a greenhouse and has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest greenhouse in the world. The flower dome is spread across an area of 1.2 hectares. You can find all kinds of flora here, even the rarest of rare species.

From local flora to the Mediterranean, from species found in the rainforests to the species from Africa and arid flora, you can have a glance at everything. It is said that there is no spring in the flower dome. The dome is designed to have a cool dry climate throughout the year, if you are a nature lover then this is a paradise for you.

Cloud forest

The Cloud Forest in the gardens by the bay is a greenhouse-type structure and is rich in flora from all around the world. Cloud forest has the world’s indoor man-made waterfall. You can also find an artificial mountain that is full of lush green plants and rare species. The cloud forest is known for its collection of species that vary from spring species to arid climatic species.

You can also witness many carnivorous plants like the Venus FlyTrap and other pitcher plants. There is a walkway that leads to the top of the mountain from where you can witness the breathtaking sight of rich green and colorful flora with the backdrop of the Marina Bay Waterfront. The temperature is maintained at 23-25 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Dragon flybridge and kingfisher lake

Kingfisher Lake is a freshwater lake in the gardens by the bay. There is a vast variety of lush green flora in and around the lake. The aquatic plants in the lakes are known to restore the nutrients of the lake by absorbing excess nitrogen and phosphorus. The lake is home to many amphibians and fishes too. Various migratory birds come here every year.

At the dragonfly bridge along the lake, you can find many dragonflies. Some binoculars can help you in spotting them. At the walkway, you can either stroll on your bicycle or just walk around. Along the walkway, you will find several QR codes which if you can get interesting facts and information about the flora and fauna in and around the lake.

Serene garden

If you are tired of your busy life in the hustling city, Serene Garden is the perfect place for you. The Serene Garden is located far away from the crowd of the gardens by the bay. This garden was inspired by the Japanese Zen Garden. You can feel a sense of calmness as soon as you set foot in the garden. The garden is filled with greenery and waterworks. There is a structure where water cascades down and feels no less than a waterfall.

The sound of the flowing water magically relieves you from all the tension and restores peace in your mind. There are various kinds of rocks in the garden which were specially handpicked from Japan and they add to the beauty of the garden.

Floating baby sculpture

Walking by the gardens by the bay, the sight of the floating baby will make you stop dead in your tracks. There is a huge white sculpture of an infant that is floating in the air. The sculpture is located in The Meadows and it often questions the law of gravity. The baby sculpture is 9 meters long and 3 meters tall and it weighs over 7 tons.

At first, your mind will be blown away at the sight of the floating so you will miss the trick. If you look closely, you will find that the right hand of the baby touches the ground. The sculpture is designed in such a way that all the weight of the baby is balanced on one hand.

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