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One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is Europe and there is no doubt that the European destinations are breath-taking. People from around the world come to visit the exotic destinations of Europe.

So, if you are looking for a break from your daily and hectic routine, then think no further and just plan a trip to Europe. Although, you must have heard it many times from people that Europe is an ideal destination, where will you start from? Or, what are the best places to visit in Europe?

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Venice, Italy

When we say the best places to visit in Europe, Venice comes to our mind! Once you see Venice, you will understand why it’s so popular. A beautiful city that is created on 118 islands, Venice is the city that hasn’t changed its appearance for 600 years!

The gorgeous city of canals, Venice, looks like a picture-perfect destination straight out of some fairy tale. Venice is a city that is also famous for great architecture and art. Venice is truly beautiful and poetic as well.

If you want to be somewhere where you can feel the rich spirit of the place, then Venice is definitely the place for you. Let’s have a look at the 3 most beautiful places in Venice.

St. Mark’s Basilica

This is the place where you must go if you are in Venice. Undoubtedly, the most popular spot in Venice, St. Mark’s Basilica is a treat to the eyes.

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Grand Canal

There cannot be any better way to explore Venice than with the gondola ride with your companion down the Grand Canal! Do you know, cars are banned in Venice? The only means of transport is water taxis, water buses, and gondolas.

The Grand Canal is enjoyed best in the early morning. You can witness the breath-taking view with the golden light of the sun over the canal.

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Doge’s Palace

The Venetian Republic was once ruled by the doges. The doges were royals and this is the perfect place for those who are into history.

Doge’s palace is a tourists attraction where they can take a tour and see the hidden passageways, the council rooms, the torture chambers, and the infamous prison cell known for the great escape of Giacomo Casanova in the year 1756.

Apart from the 3 famous places, there are many other places where you can visit. If you are planning to reach Venice by air, then you should book tickets to the only airport in Venice; The Marco Polo airport.

You can take a road trip too and reach Venice at the only bus station called Piazzale Roma and if you choose the train then you can reach the Santa Lucia station, situated within the city. You can stay in the main neighbourhoods like Castello, San Marco, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce, and Cannaregio.


Paris, France

Paris is not only famous in Europe but is one of the most attractive places in the whole world. Paris is a city that is a perfect blend of both past and future. The striking beauty of Paris is mostly because of its amazingly symmetrical layout, which is a gift from the visionary architects and rulers dating back to the 19th century.

Paris has earned its reputation as one of the dream destinations of the world. Paris is the home to some of the finest architectural projects – from the Bibliotheque Francois-Mitterrand to the Grande Arche de la Defense.

Also, because of the beauty of the city, Paris is called as the most romantic place in the world. Also known as the City of Lights, Paris is the best destination for literature, food, fashion, and art. Let’s have a look at the best places in Paris.


Eiffel Tower

Can you think of Paris without the Eiffel Tower? No! Gustave Eiffel built the Eiffel Tower to commemorate the famous French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower is 324 meters high and nearly 7 million people visit per year. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited monuments today in the whole world and it’s breathtaking beauty and architecture that makes it so popular.


Notre Dame Cathedral

The recent fire tragedy that struck Notre Dame Cathedral is certainly unfortunate, but it still remains as Paris’ one of the must-visit place. It’s one of the Paris’ most enduring symbols and is considered as the finest French Gothic architecture.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a beautiful cathedral surrounded by beautiful sculptures with gargoyles adorning its roof. You can go inside the cathedral and climb to the top to enjoy the view.


Louvre Museum

Do you know that it is the most visited museum for art in the world? The Louvre Museum was actually a fortress, which was transformed into a museum later. You can still see the fortress’ remains in the museum’s basement.

You can reach Paris by air, train or bus. The connectivity is excellent, and the exciting part is that you can reach Paris on the world’s high-speed train called TGV or Thalys. Since Paris is one of the most popular tourist places in the world, you won’t have any trouble finding a hotel or other staying options.

Other European destinations

There are many other places in Europe that you should and can visit. You can visit the Norwegian fjords or the tulip valleys located in the Netherlands. Norway has the most beautiful fjords in the world and when you are in Europe, you shouldn’t miss any opportunity to treat yourself by visiting the place.

The “National Geographic Traveller magazine” voted the Norwegian Fjords as the best travel destination in the world! You can also visit Florence, known as the world capital of art.

Also known as the city with wings and roots, Florence still is an inspiration for artists. You will see some great paintings, sculptures, and museums in Florence that are famous in the whole world. And lastly, make a note of visiting Athens as well. Athens is one of the best places to visit in Europe and is known for its art and history.

These are the treasures that are waiting for you, so book your flights and enjoy great Europe!

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