Christmas Eco-Friendly and Ethical Gift Guide

Sustainable products are part of most people’s lives nowadays. We are spoiled for choices. The fact that sustainability is present in more and more brands, makes things better.

You can have a little bit of everything, like baskets with 100% products — organic, national, seasonal with 0% waste, etc.

Thinking about sustainable choices is necessary to promote respect for the environment, recycling, and more responsible consumption as well.

And what better way to do it than by offering experiences that bring us closer to nature, experiences that fill us with life and help us to live in a better world. After all, we still want to give some meaningful presents to our loved ones on Christmas, right?

That’s the reason that every single year, I think about eco-friendly Christmas gifts to share with you here. Here are the gift ideas for this festive season:

Sleep & Room Spray | Pure Lakes


A good night of sleep is something that we all should appreciate in life. For me, a good sleep & room spray is the ideal deal. It’s a kind of product that I always have on my bedside table, and I think you should have too.

Specially made with a calming & relaxing blend to aid a good night’s sleep, and to help unwind and decompress.

Eco-Friendly Deodorant | Ocean & Bee

Eco-friendly toiletries are already part of my life for a couple of years. There are such great alternatives to plastic and waste out there. There is no reason to keep building unrecyclable products.

This eco-friendly deodorant should be on the top of your priorities when it comes to sustainable self-care too.

Coconut Bowls Set | Jungle Culture

Here is one of my favourite kitchenware pieces for this year. These coconut bowls are just a perfect match for preparing a breakfast smoothie, healthy salads, and present a delicious poke, ramen, açai, etc.

It’s not only a diverse piece but also a product ethically sourced in Vietnam. It’s an excellent gift idea for someone looking for more sustainable, and 100% natural and organic pieces for their homes.

Portuguese Cork Notebooks | PrimaBerry

Here is another favourite pressie idea for the ones who love stationery, but really want something meaningful and more well-resourced. These gorgeous eco-friendly notebooks are made of Portuguese cork and recycled paper, of course.

It comes in different colours and designs to inspire your ideas and memories while writing and/or studying.

Organic Day & Night Skin Treat | Green People

If you know me, you already spotted my obsession with skincare routines. I do like to invest in highly- effective products. For this winter, nothing more recommended than go for some organic beauty gifts to someone who would love to try a natural skincare routine.

This pair of natural and organic day & night creams is my best friend in the winter. It is made to help us to brighten the darkest of deep winter nights and features a day-night skincare routine, delivering a festive feel-good factor for the skin and the mind.

Bamboo Cutlery Set | Sea for Yourself Co.

Bamboo products already become favourite ones when it comes to starting a more sustainable lifestyle. This bamboo cutlery set is an example of easy and practical alternatives to ditch single-use plastic utensils.

I can’t think about a better bundle to gift this Christmas. After all, it is a perfect bundle for travelling, camping, or daily life.

Sari Gift Wraps | Shakit.Ism

The excessive use of paper warp during Christmas is one of the biggest problems we have when gifting our loved ones. I do cringe every time I receive a non-recyclable package.

The good news is that sari gift wraps can be a simple and quite gorgeous alternative to ditch paper this Christmas. These eco-friendly alternatives to paper gift wrap are handmade using repurposed saris. Re-use your cloth repeatedly!

Pre-loved Bags and Purses | Buy Charity

This country does a fantastic job when it comes to charity shops. I do confess that I love browsing the high street ones now and then to find quite affordable and in good quality pieces without buying new products.

And it makes things easier when you know you can also count on an online charity shop to find a perfect gift for family and friends.

For this reason, I am happy to choose secondhand handbags and purses as perfect presents this Christmas. You would be surprised by the quantity of amazing, preloved pieces that we can find for a nice price.

Vintage bags, gorgeous clutch, and designer purses. All waiting for a special woman to be presented with this festive season.

Simone Ribeiro
Hi! I'm Simone, a citizen of Britain, where I live for over a decade, and of Brazil, where I was born. Midlands Traveller is where I combine my passion for travelling, business and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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