Best Packaging Supplies for Moving Out

Moving into a new property is often a complex process that involves numerous steps. For me, the documentation and all papers waiting game is always a reason to get anxious. For that reason, I have decided to focus on getting other things done while we wait for it.

Packing is one of those things I am working on now. Packaging for moving out is one of the main ones and, therefore, it usually causes many doubts in residents: what are the best materials? How should I pack heavy objects? What about glass items?

If you are going to move into a new property, you should be concerned about numerous issues when it comes to moving out procedures. In this post, you will find all the information you need to make the best choices.

What to go for when packing?

When we think about moving out, many think only of cardboard boxes. However, the process involves different types of packaging and materials to help you make it smoothly.

It is important that, before transporting your items to the new property, you know each of them and understand which objects are directed. From carbon boxes to bubble wrap, you will need to invest in appropriate removal materials to make it work according to your needs. It’s always good to remind you to rethink your packing, using eco-friendly packaging.

It may not be a simple process. Thus, the recommendation is that when there is many furniture and many objects, so, it is better to count on professional help.

This month, I am using some samples of packing supplies from Globe Packaging – a company that offers several eco-friendly options and environmental solutions in packaging. Here are my thoughts and tips on these removal products so far:

Cardboard Boxes

It is a fact; that cardboard boxes are the most used materials to carry personal objects in a moving process to a new house or apartment. However, it is necessary to consider that they can be made of different materials, and sizes, which have specificities and, therefore, different recommendations.

As pointed out above, cardboard boxes are best known when it comes to packaging for change. This is because they are veritable and have several models, such as those that contain partitions, ideal for loading objects that cannot be shocked.

These double wall boxes are available in various sizes, they are used to carry fragile objects such as clothing, decorative objects, shoes, and even small appliances such as coffee makers and microwaves.

Wardrobe Garment Boxes

If you’ve never used a wardrobe garment box before packing clothes for moving out, you have no idea what you’re missing. A box of clothes (also called a wardrobe) allows you to simply transfer your clothes that are hanging in the closet to a box and to your next closet without having to remove them from your hangers.

However, as a bonus, there is usually plenty of room at the bottom to store bulky or unruly items. Just make sure you don’t overload the clothes box because although it’s great, you still need to be able to carry it.


Brown and clear tapes are essential materials that you need to seal your boxes. However, it has to be quality ones, to guarantee the successful transportation of items from one property to another. The material is used, for example, to seal the boxes and thus ensure that the objects are not damaged.

In addition, you may need other items, such as pens, that will serve to indicate what is in each package. This step is fundamental to ensure, later, the organisation of objects in the new property.

Removal Transit Blanket

The protective blankets are great for anyone planning to move to a new location.

And I’m sure a professional moving company can benefit from the extra layer of protection to ensure that all moved items reach their destination without risk.

There is nothing worse than going through a stressful and time-consuming change than arriving at the destination with damaged or scratched merchandise.

Usually, the removal transit blanket is made of polyester mesh and high-quality cotton. I am using this one to protect my television. I think it’s a quite necessary item to be extra careful when moving out.

Bubble Wraps

bubble wrap

Bubble wrap, along with different types of boxes, is one of the most widely used materials in packaging for change. This is because it is an important ally in reducing impacts on objects being transported.

When applied in the correct way, it can avoid breaks and scratches on objects considered fragile, such as mirrors and ceramic vases. In addition, bubble wrap is commonly used to pack furniture and appliances such as sofas, refrigerators, and coffee tables.

Plain Paper

It can be a tiring job, but it’s strategic to organise packaging. Provide cardboard boxes of different sizes and shapes —which can be found in supermarkets and stores—bubble wrap, bags, and large bags for clothes. Identify them by colour and use labels. Also, use sturdy tapes to seal the packaging well.

Packaging should be done according to the room and following the logic of the objects that will be stored —for example, do not mix fragile parts with more resistant ones. Labels should describe precisely what each box takes, to make it easier to identify its contents.

Using protective paper is fundamental in this process too. I have picked a white acid-free tissue paper to guarantee that delicate items such as china and cups will be transported safely during the moving out.

Overall, these are wonderful removal supplies and I am quite impressed with the garment box and the quality of all products tested. I highly recommend Globe Packaging products if you, like me, are preparing for your move out soon.

*I received the product complimentary from the Globe Packaging for testing purposes

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