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I’m the biggest fan of “growing your own food” indoors ideas. After all, it’s not everyone who has a big garden or allotment to produce their own herbs, vegetables, and fresh flowers. As for fresh blooms, you can easily turn to global flower services anytime. Now it applies to herbs and veggies too.

Growing your own food is not a contemporary activity. It has been around quite a while, you know. Besides, it’s guaranteed to have fresh food with no chemicals added. So why not give it a try? I was quite lucky to have the chance of reviewing the Silly Greens boxes this month.

The idea of saving space and having fresh food in the kitchen seemed to be too good to be true. I gave it a try and the results were impressive so far.

“The world’s appetite for bigger and bigger scale has led farming down a narrowing path, we’re growing more but of less and with that we’re losing types of plants and veg. Growing your own might just fill a gap but it also connects us with something which let’s face it, is getting out of hand.”


How it works

Silly Greens is a subscription box. All you need o do is purchase your box online. Then, the whole process is straightforward.

  • Choose the kind of box you want to be delivered by your letterbox. Don’t forget to choose how often you’d like the box to be delivered. You’ll receive three different types of micro herbs in each box.
  • As soon as the box is delivered, open it up, remove the lid off and be ready to grow it.
  • Then it will start to grow. In the box. You don’t need to move the seeds from it. Can you believe it? There is a card within the box to help you “take care” of each type of seed. You should water it day by day and cut the seeds according to the days specified on it.
  • Let them grow and pick them up when they are ready to eat.
  • Afterward, you can recycle the boxes. There is no waste!


What do I like about it?

Everything. To start with, Silly Greens sent me seeds that I usually wouldn’t easily find in local shops. Their selection is pretty unique and varied. I like the idea of having my own wasabi mustard. At the same time, I can also receive turnip and kale in my box, for example.


“The aim behind Silly Greens is to get people growing food and not in a novelty way, in way that is worth doing and yields. Micro herbs are small but productive crop for the little space they take up, yielding new crops week on week.”


Let’s be honest, it’s just a great idea. Having a range of different micro-herbs in my kitchen, ready to be consumed in some days with a minimum effort to grow them. Besides, growing your own herbs means being part of a group of people that avoids pesticides, herbicides, or supply chain issues.

It’s a straightforward service. Open the box, water your herbs, let them grow, and bang! You have fresh green ingredients to use in your homemade aubergine pizza, as you can see below!


What kind of micro herbs can I get from Silly Greens?

Like I have said before, the selection is quite diverse. There are several types of micro-herbs to go for. Just to give you a gist: buckwheat, coriander, radish, rocket, parsley, among others.


How do I take care of it?

Even if it’s quite straightforward, there are some things to consider.  

Light is a very important part of the whole process. You want to have your herbs exposed to the natural daily sunlight, but don’t leave them to sunbathe eternally.

Follow the instructions included in the box and remember that each tray may grow at a slightly different rate and time.


What is the objective of Silly Greens as a business?

“We aim to push people in different directions opening up community and incentives to grow other foods, including small scale growers in the bigger picture.”

Silly Greens is such an inspiring independent family-run business. It’s a fairly young one as well considering its launching in 2018. Since then, they’ve sown over 1000 micro herb boxes which have been grown in kitchens up and down the country. Impressive indeed!


Is it worth it?

Of course, it’s. You need to seriously consider this company as your best shot when helping to have a more sustainable planet. Start growing your freaking food. Simple as that! It’s simple, practical, and worthy!

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