Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Creative Dads

With Father’s Day coming up, questions always arise about how to give such a special person and get the present right. Choosing an ideal product does not need to be difficult and considering the personality and tastes of your father, facilitates the choice of the perfect gift.

If your father is the creative type and loves surprises, it is necessary to perfect and innovate when choosing the gift. To get out of the same memory as always, you can choose practical and fun products that you know match your father. Check out 12 creative ideas for you to buy.

Bear Grills Apron | Stickerscape

Do your family or friends like to throw dinner parties on special occasions? How about this year you give the chef a boost with this fun Bear grills apron?

It’s bound to be a fantastic apron, and it can make a pretty special gift to every father who feels like it’s a great time to show off his skills in cooking for the whole family?


It comes in four different colours to suit anyone.

Pizza Stone with Serving Rack | Typhoon


The father who loves to make pizza for family and friends will love to win this thoughtful gift for his favourite hobby.

the World Foods Pizza range has all you need to bake or serve your homemade pizzas from the oven to the table. This Typhoon World Foods pizza stone is available in two generous sizes.

Produced from durable ceramic the stone distributes heat quickly and evenly giving the perfect crispy authentic pizza base. Just perfect for baking, serving and decorating pizzas, bread, and calzone. It is versatile and absorbs moisture leaving the dough crispy for much longer.

Everyday 16 Piece Barbecue Set | Viners

Another perfect match for the dad who is a BBQ boss. These beautifully finished brushed stainless-steel tools with mirror finish handles are ideal for everyday use thanks to the strong design and quality materials.

Enjoy your Father’s day party with this practical 16 piece barbecue set and grill like a master chef, all stored in a dual-purpose nylon bag with carrying handles that turns into an apron too!

If your father is the one who is always preparing good meat and is the one who commands the family barbecues, the barbecue kit is a creative gift option and of great use to him.

PowerConf H500 Wireless headset | Anker

Does your father work from home? If he is a teacher or needs to be focused on telephone calls and web conferences, the PowerConf H500 Wireless headset is a perfect match for him this Father’s Day.

It doesn’t matter where you are and what’s happening around you, the only thing your will hear is your own voice. PowerConf H500 Bluetooth headset uses Voice Shield deep-learning technology to detect and eliminate background noise.

Perfect for creative dads who need some quietness to work and prepare for classes or meetings in a peaceful space at home.

WoodTurning Craft Packs | Timbersource

For DIY dads or those that enjoy wood crafts like woodturning, carving, or whittling then try these woodturning craft packs from Timbersource.

They are available in two ideal sizes and are packed full of different wood species so there is the opportunity for fathers to try out lots of different quality timbers without having to splash out on large quantities.

Possible species in the craft packs include both hardwood and softwoods like ash, oak, Sapele, Iroko and many more, Timbersource can even deliver them straight to your door.

Shut The Box Wooden Board Game | Jaques of London

From the difficult to the most complex to play, board games amuse, stimulate the mind and can be a great gift option at any time of the year.

Here is a perfect match for dad aficionados in vintage board games. This 4 Player Shut the Box is a fantastic multiplayer version of the classic Shut The Box game – a popular dice game that is a fun board game for adults as well as an educational toy for kids. Competitive dads and the whole family will have a lot of fun

Pesto Pasta Selections | Seggiano

Let’s be honest, you probably have a dad who loves pesto pasta, and he loves cooking as well. The good news is that this Father’s Day can be your chance to gift your special chef with something to fill his belly.

The world’s best pesto collection from artisan Italian brand Seggiano is a perfect match for dads with a regular love affair with pesto pasta. It’s also a great excuse to prepare a gorgeous meal for his special date using one of the pesto pasta selections.

Twist Press & Coffee Subscription | Barista & Co

Parents who like practicality even when drinking their coffee will be surprised by the quality and taste of the brew made with a twisting press, a perfect gift for this Father’s Day.

This portable coffee maker combines pour-over, immersion and pressurised brewing methods to deliver a quick, clean and outstanding short black coffee.

It’s perfect for travel and small spaces. And it is made for dads who appreciate a rapid way of preparing quality black coffee on the way.

I would recommend you get a Barista & Co coffee subscription to make the present a bit special.

Dad’s the Word Coffee| Two Chimps

To give your daddy the experience of tasting a special coffee every day, invest in different ways of brewing the coffee, with different options to suit all tastes.

The gift is even better if accompanied by a package of special Dad’s the Word coffee.

Dad’s the World is made with exceptional Geisha coffee beans grown harvested in the Bolaven Plateau in Laos. Geisha coffee is the A* of speciality coffee – rare, respected and ridiculously tasty! If you want to increase your chances of making it more special, what about adding some hot choc flakes too?

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook | Pen Heaven

I can’t think about a better present than stationery items. If your dad is a writer, a journalist, a teacher, or someone who likes to put their thoughts on a paper – this Leuchtturm1917 Notebook is the best present for this Father’s Day.

The effortless design ensures that Leuchtturm1917’s B5 softcover notebook is suitable for everyone and every purpose. Features softback cover, expandable internal pocket, two ribbon page markers and elasticated closure. It’s aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Manuscript Creative Calligraphy Set | Pen Heaven


If your father is taking calligraphy classes or just wants to refine his writing skills, get creative with the Manuscript Creative Calligraphy Set.

Utilising a lightweight plastic construction, the standard size profile sits comfortably in the hand providing a pen which is nimble and perfectly suited to the intricacies of calligraphy. It’s a classic present to boost their writing techniques and get them more inspired this Father’s Day.

Gourmet BBQ Sauce Gift Set | Chilli N 5

For men who love to cook or who are always in charge of the barbecue, gifting with spices is a great alternative.

Condiments can be given individually according to the person’s taste or in kits that will make the preparation of meals even more special.

Get ready to fire up the grill with our fantastic BBQ sauce gift set! It’s beautifully packaged to make the best present for aspiring chefs this Father’s Day. They are seeking to take classic BBQ dishes from ordinary to extraordinary.


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