Finding Inspiration in the Mermaid Jewellery Collections

You may not be familiar with this trend, but it is not recent. In fact, mermaids’ jewellery has been gaining strength for a few years now and the first appearances with seismic influence suggested already happening in the 90s.

Back in that time movements imprinted colours and textures that referred to the sea on their pieces. But in recent years, mermaids have come to dominate and change the entire Brazilian market. It’s delicate, elegant, and affordable.

What I like most about this kind of jewellery is the fact it delivers pieces with well-crafted accessories.

They come with various precious stones that refer to the colour of the waves, shells in textured details with different gold plating, necklaces and bracelets inspired by the mystical whelks and even more pieces that add fashion to love with the seabed.

Thinking about this gorgeous trend, I have picked my favourite pieces from a mermaid jewellery collection to inspire you as well.

In my opinion, the mermaids are a fascinating trend, you can end up being inspired by a lot of things and bring a little bit to our style. After all, who never dreamed of being a mermaid?

Betting on a super stylish, it is time to Literally dive into this super “trend” branch of fashion and lifestyle and fall in love!


Accessories make your outfit stands out. Bracelets, pendants, charms. necklaces, rings, and chokers work with everything!

But just beware of leftover pieces at the same time. Shells, for example, are bigger and flashier, so the ideal is to mix them with other more delicate pieces, in shades of gold or even silver.

That’s when mermaid jewellery is a handful! Bet on delicate pieces to suit your mood. There is a whole collection of elegant accessories inspired by the beauties of the sea to help you find a perfect mermaid style.


A beautiful silver bracelet also looks great with a well-patterned and cheerful dress. With several designs with sea patterns, it is a great option in the mermaid jewellery collection to wear on a beautiful sunny day.

We can combine it with other accessories of the same style such as earrings and a mix of necklaces.


I can`t imagine anything more stylish than pearl earrings. They are a classic. Hard to find a woman who doesn’t have at least one pair of pearl ones. Regardless of the occasion, they have already conquered the female heart as a versatile and sophisticated accessory.

They are also a mermaid jewellery element that fits the style perfectly.


The anklet is not a simple or average accessory, it is a jewel capable of bringing charm, charm, and femininity to any look. It’s a must-have piece in your jewellery box.

To make it more special, why not use symbols that represent the sea such as starfish, and /or anything related to nature? It will be a perfect match to the beachwear outfits that you choose for the summer.


Imagine you have a lovely wedding by the beach, and you want to style a ring inspired by a mermaid collection. It’s easy to understand why delicate rings inspired by sea elements would be an option in this case.


*This is a collaborative post

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