Dubrovnik Day 2 | The walls, Lokrum island and Game of Thrones


After a very hectic first day, I was prepared for more Dubrovnik. But I have to highlight that having the cosiest night of sleep ever at Villa Dubrovnik helped me to face this day with much more enthusiasm.

Yes, I left the balcony doors open for a while just to have the sweet sound of the Adriatic Sea as a perfect lullaby during the night. And I actually overslept. Shame on me! But also something that I should consider as a sign of very good night of sleep indeed.



The weather for its second day was just fabulous. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and with a much better weather picking up, we decided to have breakfast in the outside area of the Restaurant Pjerin. A breakfast with great view, I should say.

Breakfast at Villa: The menu has a very good selection of fruit, smoothies, juices and egg meals, which I am very fond of. I made my mind pretty quick about the omelette Norway, and some orange juice. It was a perfect boost to start a very busy day.

The staff is pretty attentions to details like keeping your cup of coffee (or tea) always full. There is nothing wrong about having full attention while you are distracted with such a beautiful scenery at this place.


Boat trip to the harbour: The morning got more exciting when we headed to the old town by a boat journey from the hotel. It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to reach the harbour. And I have no doubt it is the best mean of transport in Dubrovnik.

As soon as you approach the picturesque city harbour, there is an extraordinary view of the St. John’s fortress and the city walls. It’s impossible not to transport yourself back in time and appreciate the gorgeous features of the old port of Dubrovnik.


City tour: This time, we had the company of the tour guide Carmen, who took us through the impressive history of Dubrovnik. It was very interesting to visit the statue (and rub the nose) of Marin Drzic. I made my wish and I hope to come back to Dubrovnik as soon as it comes true.


He was a local prose writer and playwright that was considered the “Croatian Shakespeare”.

There are so much to learn about this ancient city. It’s impossible to summarise it in one single post. So, expect a post about the tour guide here soon.



Island of Lokrum: This paradisiac spot is located only 600 metres from the city of Dubrovnik. Despite our hotel has beautiful views from the island, it was just delightful to visit it in person.

The boat service departures from the old harbour and it takes only 15 minutes (or less) to arrive there. I think it costs around 10 euros (100 Kune). Definitely  a money well spent.



Lokrum is a very popular attraction in Dubrovnik, so be prepared to face some queues when get the boat back to the old town. It’s always crowded but I can say the visit to this island was the highlight of the day.

I was surprised to the quantity of activities and events going on there as well. There was even a wedding that day. What a perfect place to get married, by the way.

The popularity of Lokrum must be increased a lot as well for being an important film location of Game of Thrones seasons. We all know they used several locations in Croatia, and Dubrovnik is one of them.

Once there, don’t forget to visit the Game of Thrones mini museum and take your photo in the iron throne.

feeling a bit Stark


Despite all Games of Thrones fuss, the natural beauty of this preserved rocky island is the main reason for its popularity. The crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea make this a perfect spot to swim, sunbath and relax contemplating nice views from Dubrovnik itself. Just lovely!

And I have to say that food there is pretty good as well . I had one of the best meals in Lokrum. To be honest, I was just amazed by the idea of eating in a Monastery anyway.

The site is just gorgeous. And if you are lucky, some peacocks will stop by just to make the scenery more colourful and attractive.

best meal in Dubrovnik

However, the service in the restaurant was really slow. But it is not an exaggeration at all to say that it was worth it to wait almost two hours for a starter and a main course. Ask for the anything that is related to “Squids (cooked Dubrovnik-style)” and indulge yourself in croatian wine.

They have great selection over there and don`t be afraid to try the local spirits as well.

It’s all you need to finish your visit to Lokrum.


The walls of Dubrovnik: As soon as we went back to the harbour in the end of that afternoon, we decided to visit the Walls. It was a brave decision because we were all exhausted and the temperatures were really high that day.

As it is also one of the most popular attractions of the old town, I was expecting to have the company of other hundreds tourists as well.


But for my own surprise, that didn’t happen at all. And it was enjoyable to walk almost two kilometres of it with plenty of space to breath and taking stunning photos. Expect another post about the adventures in the walls, soon!

Dinner at Villa: It was our last night at Villa Dubrovnik and of course the dinner would be ultra-special. I was looking forward for what was reserved in the special menu. Everything was so perfect again. And the view from this fabulous restaurant is just a bonus.

Fine dining at Villa Dubrovnik is something to highlight when staying in Dubrovnik.


Before the meal, I popped to the 5th floor to have a look at the Prosciutto & Wine Bar. I can tell it is a perfect spot for one drink or two. Cheers to this magnificent hotel and beautiful sunset in Dubrovnik!


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